Hi, I’m Lovely Laban, aesthetic nurse practitioner, and I am thrilled to announce that I am coming home to the Northwest, and I will be joining the Pearl Women’s Center.

Now I grew up like many of you with very natural, hippie parents, and my view on Botox and dermal fillers were that people looked scary, they look frozen, too much plastic surgery, whatever it may be.

But now over the last 10 years and after building one of the largest Botox practices in the country, I can tell you that those theories are not true; that we can make people look very natural and very refreshed and even look like they haven’t had anything done.

I am so excited to be offering my services at the Pearl Women’s Center and to be coming back home. I invite you to please watch my before and after pictures and also to come in for a consultation. I would love to meet you and I look forward to being in Portland.

Watch the video: