We’re excited to announce that a new performance beauty product is available at Skin by Lovely! Jeuveau, from Evolus, is the first FDA-approved wrinkle relaxer to hit the market in nearly a decade. Jeuveau works similarly to BOTOX® Cosmetic, Dysport, and Xeomin by temporarily relaxing overactive muscles that cause wrinkles. This new addition will give patients another option for aesthetic wrinkle relaxing in Lake Oswego, Portland and Santa Monica.

What makes Jeuveau so exciting? We’re glad you asked!

Jeuveau is Similar to BOTOX® Cosmetic

Like BOTOX®, Botulinum Toxin Type A is the active ingredient in Jeuveau. The FDA approved the new BOTOX® competitor in early February 2019. This approval gives providers the ability to treat frown lines and those vertical lines between your eyebrows. Your Skin by Lovely Injection Specialist will inject the product directly into the muscle, temporarily relaxing and reducing muscle contractions that cause lines and wrinkles.

The First New Neurotoxin in a Decade

It has been ten years since the last neurotoxin came on the market. BOTOX® Cosmetic was approved in the early 2000s after decades of medical use for patients with blepharospasms. Jeuveau’s proprietary and manufacturing process is completely unique. Patients will have more options for the improved appearance of frown lines.

Which Injectable Wrinkle Relaxer Is Best For Me?

Just like with any other injectable treatment, our recommendations and guidance will largely depend on what will give you the best results for your unique needs and goals. We determine these during your personalized consultation. During this consultation, we evaluate and discuss your specific aging concerns, go over your medical and health history, and examine your skin. This helps us decide which treatment(s) are right for you. If Jeuveau is part of that personalized treatment plan, then we will proceed with injections to help you look younger and more refreshed. Otherwise, we will make other recommendations from our collection of injectable anti-aging treatments.

When Will Jeuveau Be Available at Skin by Lovely?

Jeuveau was FDA-approved in early February 2019, so this treatment is now available! Please contact us for information about our current treatment offerings. We were the first office in Oregon carry Jeuveau in both Portland and Lake Oswego! Our Santa Monica practice also carries Jeuveau.

Do you have more questions? Fill out the form below to contact us with any questions about this treatment or call us to get more information about Jeuveau and other wrinkle relaxers like BOTOX®, Dysport, and Xeomin. We look forward to assisting you.