Patients from all across Los Angeles are looking for ways to get back their youthful appearance, and they choose Juvederm for its long-lasting, remarkable results. Your skin contains a natural sugar called hyaluronic acid, which maintains volume by attracting water molecules. HA is the skin’s natural moisturizer, but your supply diminishes with age, leading to wrinkles and folds around the mouth and nose. Juvederm contains an HA gel that replenishes that lost volume and smoothes the skin. The natural-looking results are instant and last up to one year with just a single treatment. This dermal filler is different than similar products because its smooth consistency flows easily, improves comfort and provides a more natural look. As the first FDA-approved dermal filler, this treatment is safe and effective for all different skin types.

Los Angeles patients come to Skin by Lovely in Santa Monica because the trained and certified specialists are backed by extensive experience. This location is a training center for proper techniques and use of Juvederm, and lips are an area of expertise here. The most skilled injectors in the Greater Los Angeles area work with their patients to tailor treatments to their unique needs and always maintain a gentle approach.