Which is Better?

Juvederm or Restylane for Lip Enhancement in Santa Monica, CA and Portland, OR

Patients often come in and want more volume in their lips. There’s two fillers that we usually do for lips; one is Juvéderm and the other one is Restylane. How I usually pick which one I’m going to use, depends on the shape of the lip, how old the patient is, and what the goals of the patient are. If the patient just wants solely just more volume in their lip, I usually go with Juvéderm. If the patient’s more concerned about their vermilion border which is the outer border of the lip to gain more structure and more of a shape, then I usually go with Restylane. Also the older the patient I usually go with Restylane; the younger the patient I usually go with Juvéderm.

So I have two examples for you; the first one is done with Juvéderm. So this patient solely just wanted more volume mostly in her upper lip. This is the before and this is the after using one syringe of Juvéderm, and the next patient over here used Restylane. If you can see on this part of the vermilion border of this patient, it’s a lot lower; she has a scar right here from a previous accident. And so if you look, this part is a little bit lower creating this one to look higher and she also wanted volume as well. So if you look in the after, this is evened out and she has a little bit more fullness in her lips. And we did a syringe on this patient of Restylane as well.