Latisse is a prescription solution designed to help patients grow longer, darker, lusher eyelashes. While originally developed to treat glaucoma, patients and doctors quickly realized that the solution did much more than just reduce pressure inside the eyes; it also lengthens the grow phase of the lashes. With daily use, users will notice their eyelashes becoming significantly longer, darker and more abundant than ever before. In most cases, users begin noticing results within four weeks of use. However, full results are usually not realized until around week 16. According to clinical trials performed on the treatment, Latisse helped users achieve lashes that were up to 18% darker, 25% longer and 106% thicker than before beginning treatment.

Los Angeles area residents who want to achieve these amazing results can count on the experts at Skin by Lovely in Santa Monica for assistance. While FDA-approved, Latisse must be obtained with a prescription and should be used under the supervision of a professional. The experts at Skin by Lovely will walk you through process of using this effective treatment and ensure the most dramatic results possible.

How to Apply Latisse: A Los Angeles Nurse Injector shows you how it’s done!