By now, almost everyone has heard of the dermal filler Restylane and what it can do to diminish wrinkles and give the face a smooth, youthful appearance. Did you know that it can also do the same for your lips? Containing hyaluronic acid, a substance that naturally occurs in young skin, this injectable filler is also approved as a lip enhancement treatment to plump lips that are thin or uneven. At Skin by Lovely, our trained experts perform this procedure on our Portland area clients using an innovative technique that helps the fillers last even longer than usual.

This new technique is called “stacking,” and it consists of performing a second Restylane treatment six months after the first treatment. The filler normally lasts between six and nine months, but studies have shown that undergoing lip enhancement every six months makes the treatment last longer than if the client waits until the fillers go away before receiving another injection.

Administered by one of the country’s most skilled dermal filler experts, your lip enhancement treatment at Skin by Lovely will create a subtle improvement that looks natural and youthful, and with the stacking technique, the effects will remain beautiful and consistent. Once you schedule your first consultation at our clinic in the Pearl, you’ll see why we’re the top destination for dermal fillers in the Portland area.

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