You worked hard. You exercised daily. You stuck to your diet, and only had one cheat day per week. You lost the weight, and this is something to celebrate! You set out to achieve the results you were looking for, and that’s to be commended.

But wait…what’s this? Despite your best efforts (and you were a real champ), there are stubborn pockets of fat that just won’t budge!

“How rude!” you think. “I lost weight, but still have these extra pockets of fat! I lost weight but still have a double chin!”

We can relate, and so can countless others.

Double Chins are Everywhere: You are not alone.

Did you know that being overweight is not the only cause of double chins? In fact, even naturally thin people have excess fat and loose skin along the jawline. Sometimes it is the result of a high-fat diet, hereditary genes, environmental conditions or health issues. Age is also a common contributor to the loss of a smooth neckline.

There are many questions, concerns and outdated beliefs about how people can get rid of double chins. Here are some myth-busting answers and alternative treatments that will give you the hope you have been seeking to eliminate the double chin making you look older and heavier.

Double Chin FAQ

Do neck exercises to lose a double chin actually work?

Double chin exercises are often touted as a viable natural remedy for strengthening the jaw and facial muscles. Suggestions range from rolling your neck to stretching your jaw to chewing gum. Fitday offers several suggestions for double chin exercises  that can strengthen the facial muscles and the platysma muscle, which stretch from the jawline to the shoulder.

It is true that regular isometric exercise tightens the muscles to prevent skin from sagging and fat from building up, but it is not effective at completely eliminating an existing double chin. Rather than focusing on specific techniques, decreasing your overall weight is the best approach since the face is the first place excess body fat melts away from. Regular aerobic exercise along with a healthy diet of lean meats, whole grains, fruits and vegetables will do more for your double chin than facial stretches if your issue is caused by being overweight. Practicing good posture with your chin slightly raised up also helps.

Will a neck lift help my double chin?

Neck lift surgical procedures remove excess fat along the jawline, tighten sagging skin on the neck and smooth out wrinkles to restore youthful contours. This rejuvenation procedure tightens the neckline and reduces the fullness beneath the chin. A neck lift does not change the structural shape of your chin, and it does not prevent a double chin from reforming. Additionally, it can take several weeks to six months for you to fully realize the benefits of a neck lift by the time the swelling dissipates and the incision scars fade. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons also notes that optimal results can require additional surgical procedures.

Do I need double chin surgery?

When concerns about your double chin begin to erode your self-esteem, it is natural to consider turning to a plastic surgeon for help. There are several neck contouring cosmetic surgery options available. One of the biggest drawbacks is that you must undergo an expensive procedure that requires anesthesia, stitches and an extensive recovery period that requires you to wear a compression garment around your head. Most patients also experience significant bruising and must take pain medications for several days.

Are there non-surgical options for double chin removal?

Fortunately, there are modern procedures that effectively remove a double chin without the need for surgery. The recovery time is drastically reduced, and the procedures are significantly cheaper, often by thousands of dollars.

One of the most exciting new procedures is Kybella, which is favored by our practice’s licensed Injection Specialists. This FDA-approved alternative treatment is an acidic injection that melts away the accumulated fat under the chin. The seemingly magical substance blasts away the fat cells, permanently eliminating the deposits so that they do not need to be cut away or sucked out via liposuction or other facial plastic surgery procedures. The procedure is performed in less than half an hour and requires only a matter of days to heal without bandages, medications or scars. The treatment has proven to be highly effective and exceptionally safe throughout 19 clinical studies since 2007.

What about stubborn belly fat, love handles or flabby arms?

Non-invasive treatments for your double chin can be paired with cosmetic procedures that eliminate the stubborn fat clinging to your arms, waist, stomach and thighs. In addition to the common surgical operations, there are also permanent fat removal and body shaping options that do not require incisions or anesthesia. Combining these procedures can help you achieve the body you’ve always dreamed of flaunting.  While we do not offer such body contouring procedures here at Skin by Lovely, we can help you locate an excellent provider in the area to help you with your needs.

Contact us today at one of our convenient locations in Santa Monica, CA or Portland, Oregon about non-surgical Kybella to reduce double chin fat safely with less downtime than its surgical counterparts. Our highly trained, medically-licensed aesthetic Injection Specialists are ready to help you achieve the look you envisioned when you first hopped on the treadmill determined to lose weight.