Most people over-cleanse their face which leads to excess oil production and damage to the skin. Cleansing too frequently or with harsh abrasive agents strip the skin of natural hydrating factors, protective superficial oils and ceramides. Make a change in your beauty schedule and cleanse only in the evening.

When you wake, rinse your face with with cold water, or better yet, cold mineral water. Then before bed, wash your makeup off with your usual cleanser or with a cleansing towelette. After you cleanse, apply a hydrating night cream or oil (only use acid or active products 2-3x a week) within a few minutes of washing. Massage the moisture in an upward motion and in a circular pattern around the eyes. NEVER rub your creams in a downward motion…you are only helping Mrs. Gravity do her aging job! Now you’re ready for a restful night’s sleep (remember to sleep on your back for even more benefits).