This was a big year for non-surgical aesthetic enhancements, and 2016 promises to be even bigger as the public grows increasingly aware of how their health affects their skin and how they age; the dangers of excessive sun exposure and chemicals; and celebrities opening up about the professional treatments they receive (thank you Courteney Cox and Kylie Jenner).

So what does 2016 have in store?

Top 5 Beauty Trends for 2016

1)  Slowing the Ravages of Time

While countless men and women come to us to help turn back the clock, we’re seeing more and more patients coming to us in their 20s looking to slow it down instead.  What’s responsible for this trend?  In a word: Awareness.  With media and social media coverage on ageism in the workplace and the dangers of tanning, 20-somethings are better informed.    As a result, younger patients are focused on sunscreen to protect themselves from both premature aging and deadly skin cancers while also turning to aesthetic professionals for preventive skin care and non-surgical rejuvenation treatments, like Botox.

2)  Beauty is More Than Skin Deep

Today’s woman is looking for a more natural approach to skin care and beauty. Beauty trends for 2016 include neutraceuticals, which include natural products intended for internal use, as well as supplements, clean eating, fitness, mindfulness and getting more healthful sleep.  It doesn’t stop there, either.  Consumers are more savvy about their skin care products, seeking safer ingredients that don’t include harmful chemicals like sulfates and parabens.

By the end of 2016, we expect to see more patients who aren’t just achieving better skin and a more youthful appearance, but are living a more balanced, healthy lifestyle for overall wellness.

Expect a lot more education about facial aging.  What is it?  Why is it happening?  What can be done to prevent it?

3)  More Than Just Manscaping

Women aren’t the only ones seeking out anti-aging treatments. Men are also trying to put their best face forward. New studies are showing that Latisse, a prescription product designed to help create fuller, longer eyelashes and fill in brows is also helping men with thinning hair. In addition, Botox injected into the scalp helps dilate blood vessels, which may bring more nutrients to the hair follicles and stimulate hair growth. Kybella is one of the hottest new FDA-approved products for men today, which allows men to look thinner with no downtime by eliminating that double-chin with a series of injections.  With more options that are clinically proven and even FDA approved, men are spending more time in aesthetic treatment centers than ever before.

Men are also jumping on the beauty trends for 2016 when it comes to dermal fillers and the already popular hair removal treatments. Upcoming trends include more fillers to round out the face and combat sunken, sagging skin by filling in temples and brows.  And of course, there’s always the often talked about Brotox phenomenon that we expect will continue to grow in 2016.  Men account for 10% of the U.S. Botox market, and that number is expected to increase due to some aggressive marketing by Allergan and Galderma.

4)  From the Neck Down

Anti-aging has never just been about the face. As women age, the thin skin around their cleavage begins to sag, creating fine lines and wrinkles. Because upcoming beauty trends are focusing on balance, it makes sense to bring the anti-aging benefits to the skin on the chest area. What’s the point of a plump, youthful face if your chest and neck betray your age?

Dermal fillers create volume in the chest area, providing a more youthful appearance and reversing the signs of sun damage. Preventing sun damage is also important, and becoming more commonplace; oil-free sunscreens are becoming more popular for use on the chest and neck in addition to the face to help prevent further aging.  Remember, though, it’s important to wear sunscreen all over every day, as UV rays aren’t just aging your skin prematurely; they are putting you at risk for skin cancer too.

5)  Kylie Jenner Lips

Ever since headlines speculated about Kylie Jenner’s aesthetic treatments and the #KylieJennerChallenge went viral, younger women are seeking lip injections. Many products are on the market, from topical lip plumpers (some of these work, while others do not) to strange devices meant to cause temporary lip swelling (not recommended).  However, the FDA has approved several products for lip augmentation in patients over 21, and young women can plump their pouts more safely in 2016 by turning to a professional.

It’s not just about the lips, though.  Young women with strong, masculine-looking jawlines are also seeking out Botox injections to soften the jawline for a more feminine look.

While these top beauty trends for 2016 are certainly interesting and even exciting, it’s important to remember to see a certified aesthetic professional who is medically licensed to perform non-surgical aesthetic enhancements in an accredited facility.  While certain treatments are indeed trendy and popular, not every treatment is right for every patient.  At Skin by Lovely, our professionals are medically trained artists who will perform a thorough medical history and examination while also discussing your needs and the look you’re hoping to achieve.  Together, we will come up with a treatment plan that is right for you.  Contact us today in Portland, Oregon or Santa Monica, CA for a consultation and find out if any of the beauty trends for 2016 are right for you.