Non-Surgical Face & Neck Lifts Using Botox & Fillers

In the last few years, the technology behind face lifts and rejuvenation have improved substantially, especially in the arena of non-invasive procedures. While non-surgical options do not last as long as their counterparts, results remain for several months, and there is essentially no downtime associated with them.

Individual results will vary from person to person.

Non-surgical face and neck lifts in particular are made possible through the use of fillers and Botox, working together to create the fullness associated with youth and eliminate drooping that is sometimes the result of aging. There are two types of muscles in your face: those that pull down and those that lift up. By preventing the muscles that pull down from contracting, Botox is able to help lift your features, smooth out wrinkles and reduce the appearance of smile & frown lines.

As you age, your skin loses collagen, which is responsible for the plump appearance of younger skin. Reduction in collagen also causes your skin to sag, emphasizing wrinkles and lines. Fillers can replace lost collagen, and eye circles and smile lines are smoothed away in a way that looks natural.

Some patients may experience stinging from needles when they undergo these procedures, although many do not thanks to the incredibly small size of needles used, and a local anesthetic can also reduce any discomfort.

The Noninvasive Neck Lift – Overview

Neck lifts remain a popular type of plastic surgery, but not everyone is ready to commit to an invasive procedure. For those who do not want or are not candidates for plastic surgery, a noninvasive procedure is available that can reduce wrinkles and sagging skin on the neck. This treatment primarily uses a series of Botox injections that smooth the contours of the neck and lower jaw.

Nonsurgical Injectables

Botox injections, sometimes accompanied by dermal fillers, can be very effective as a neck lift when you still have sufficient elasticity in the skin on your neck, and the youthful effects usually last for three to four months.

Nonsurgical neck lifts, sometimes referred to as Nefertiti lifts, are inexpensive and can help to create a strikingly feminine jawline when years of tension in the neck muscles have squared them out into a more masculine shape. The Botox injections reduce the appearance of these muscles by up to 70 percent, which is more than sufficient to recontour your jawline and accentuate your cheeks.

Highly Trained and Licensed Professionals

At Skin by Lovely, the noninvasive neck lifts and other aesthetic procedures are provided by only fully licensed healthcare professionals who make patient care a priority. The process takes less than one hour and involves several injections along the lower jaw and neck with a very fine needle that many patients can barely feel.

In about two days, the effects of the procedure begin to materialize, and after two to three weeks, the full effects are noticeable.

What to Expect During a Nonsurgical Neck and Jaw Lift

All types of invasive surgery entail an amount of risk that not everyone is prepared to accept. Fortunately, nonsurgical procedures are available for neck and jaw lifts that are much safer than surgery is. No matter which procedure you decide upon, preparations are simple, but it helps to go in knowing what to expect.

Botox Neck and Jaw Lift

One option for a nonsurgical neck and jaw lift employs several small injections of Botox. These injections relax the muscles in the neck and lower jaw, which allows the skin to sit more naturally on the muscles and provide a youthful appearance. Preparations for the procedure are simple. Patients must only refrain from taking any prescription medications, over-the-counter drugs or dietary supplements that thin the blood, such as aspirin, ibuprofen and St. John’s wort.

The actual procedure takes less than one hour. Beforehand, the injection sites are numbed with ice or a numbing cream, and the skin is cleaned with an antiseptic. You will be able to leave the office shortly after the treatment is complete. Results are noticeable a few days after the neck and jaw lift are performed, and they are retained for three to six months.

Skin by Lovely Medspa in Santa Monica

Skin by Lovely Medspa in Santa Monica is a leading provider of nonsurgical neck and jaw lifts. The facilities at Skin by Lovely are renowned throughout the U.S. and Canada as a training center for surgeons, dermatologists, and nurse injectors. This prestige ensures that patients receive only the safest experience from the caring providers on staff.

Where to Get a Non-Surgical Neck Lift in Los Angeles

Your neck is an age indicator and a difficult one to camouflage at all times. Thankfully, non-surgical treatments to erase a turkey neck are available as outpatient procedures in the offices of cosmetic specialists.

Aging and the Neck Tissues

The skin loses its elasticity and pliability due to aging even as genetics and certain health conditions exacerbate the appearance of sagging skin in the neck area. Procedures involving the use of injectable formulations that can plump up tissues, enhance collagen production and improve skin texture are especially helpful in correcting neck jowls and flaccid tissues.

Neck Re-contouring without Surgery

When it comes to neck re-contouring, procedures that have been found effective to varying degrees include injectable formulations that either add back some of the tissue volume lost due to aging or relax the neck muscles to achieve a lift effect.

Bio-compatible tissue volumizers work by stimulating collagen production in the selected injection sites. The treatment may require several sessions of anesthesia-aided injections to achieve the desired effect, but downtime and side effects are minimal.

Botox injections in the platysma lead to muscle relaxation in the neck area, allowing stronger facial muscles to lift sagging neck tissues. Botox therapy helps to rejuvenate aging skin in the neck area by erasing the furrows called necklace lines. Botox is also used in conjunction with injectable volumizers for a more comprehensive non-surgical lift.

Non-surgical Procedures in Los Angeles

When it comes to specialized cosmetic procedures, put your trust in qualified and experienced providers affiliated with a licensed medical office. Providers should have specialized training in the use and application of injectable cosmetic formulations to ensure patient safety. Even if these procedures are non-surgical, some discomfort and risk may be involved and should be managed by providers. Specialists trained in these cosmetic therapies are able to minimize risks while ensuring a pleasant experience and a satisfactory outcome for patients.

Testimonials from Non-Surgical Neck Lift Patients Using Botox

As you age, your skin tends to lose its elasticity. Some people may consider cosmetic surgery to correct the problem. However, a less drastic approach is with a non-surgical neck lift. This procedure will help relax muscles around the jaw and decrease the look of fine lines and wrinkles.

There are many benefits of a Botox neck lift. The treatment is quick and easy, so it will not take hours away from your busy schedule. The procedure is painless, and you will be back to regular activity in no time. Botox is approved by the FDA and is deemed safe for cosmetic treatments.

One negative about a Botox neck lift is that it does not provide permanent results. Typically, you will enjoy improvements for up to four months. It will be necessary for return treatments.

Most clients who visit Skin by Lovely rave about the treatments and procedures, especially the Botox neck lift. One woman was initially apprehensive about using Botox. However, she was encouraged by friends and family to give it a try. After her procedure was completed, she looked 10 years younger. Currently, she loves visiting the spa and will continue to receive treatments.

Another person visited Skin by Lovely for a non-surgical neck lift as well. Her fear of needles was calmed by the caring staff. In under one hour, she was finished with the treatment. Thanks to the use of ice and numbing gel, the procedure was painless. Afterwards, she had minimal bruising and swelling. She highly recommends the treatment and will return again.

A Botox neck lift is a smart alternative to plastic surgery. It will leave your jaw and neck free from wrinkles. The entire area will look tighter and more youthful. It will give fast results that look natural and bring many compliments.

How Much Does a Non-Surgical Neck Lift Cost?

A non-surgical neck lift offers you the opportunity to improve your appearance without the risks of surgery. Dermal fillers that have been proven to be effective with tough wrinkles and sagging are ideal for making you look more youthful by tightening the skin in your neck.

Individual results will vary from person to person.

Restylane is a dermal filler that is often recommended for use as a non-surgical method of tightening the skin of the neck. The delicate skin of the neck shows signs of aging before other areas of the face. Restylane works to fill in deep wrinkles and smooth the skin of the neck. Results look similar to those achieved with neck lift surgery.

The exact cost of a non-surgical neck lift procedure depends on variable factors. Dermal fillers are injected under the skin. Costs are directly related to the number of syringes that are needed to achieve the desired results.

A medical spa professional will assess your needs before determining how many syringes will be needed to complete the non-surgical neck lift. It is typical for one to two syringes of filler to be used to treat the creasing and sagging in the neck.

Treatments from Skin by Lovely are affordable to allow anyone to achieve amazing results. The top-rated Santa Monica medical spa offers non-surgical neck lift options that let you get rid of the sagging without going under the knife. Contact Skin by Lovely today to learn more about the costs of procedures administered by highly-skilled professionals in a luxurious setting.

Are There Any Nonsurgical Neck Lift Exercises I Can Do?

The skin on your neck is one of the first areas to reveal your age. When the neck muscles weaken with age, the delicate skin covering the muscles sags from lack of support. Aging skin also loses its suppleness, which results in unsightly wrinkles and folds. If you want to fight the sag without undergoing surgery, consider giving your neck a workout.

One exercise that focuses on toning the neck muscles is the lip lift. While sitting comfortably, tilt your head back gently and look at an area of the ceiling in front of you. Lift your bottom lip up and over your top one, and hold it there for several seconds. Return it to the normal position, then repeat the motion approximately 10 times.

Another effective neck exercise involves turning your neck while lying on your back. Stretch your body out, and slowly raise your neck and head off the floor slightly. Turn your head gently to the left and right, then lower it to the floor. Do up to 10 repetitions several times a day. This will tighten the neck muscles and provide support for drooping skin.

You can also chew your way to a firmer neck. Sitting upright, tilt your chin toward the ceiling and close your mouth. Make a controlled chewing motion for 20 seconds. You can repeat this throughout the day. By adding these exercises to your daily schedule, you will slowly strengthen your neck muscles and recapture the toned and youthful skin you desire.

Where Can I Get a Non Surgical Neck Lift in Santa Monica?

As you age, the skin around your neck tends to become looser and appear to sag. Even if you have smooth skin and few if any winkles, a sagging neck can be an instant indication of ageing. When you are looking for a rejuvenation procedure that is minimally invasive, you have the option of a non-surgical neck lift. With Botox injections, which have been safely used in a variety of medical procedures for over 20 years, muscles around the neck that have become lax can be made less obvious. This leads to immediately visible results that last for months.

When you are considering a medical procedure, even one that does not involve going under the knife, you should go to professionals that have experience and are able to provide the best results. Staff at Skin by Lovely, located in Santa Monica, are knowledgeable and trained in the latest and most effective rejuvenation techniques. The spa is a nationally recognized training center, providing education on the use of Botox and Juvederm to clinicians throughout North America, so you can be sure you are in good hands when you undergo a rejuvenation procedure.

Thanks to the dedication and expertise of staff at Skin by Lovely, you can look forward to a neck lift that involves minimal to no discomfort and results that are immediately visible.

What is a Non Surgical Brow Lift?

If you’re like most people after a certain age, you may be noticing that your face doesn’t look quite like it used to. Drier skin, less elasticity, and gravity are all combining to make certain parts of your face a little saggier than even a few years ago.

If you’re concerned about a sagging brow line but don’t want to consider an invasive surgical procedure, and non-surgical brow lift might be the right treatment option. In addition to be non-invasive, a chemical brow lift is much more affordable than surgery. Chemical brow lifts do not require a lengthy recovery period, so they are also ideal for younger, more active patients.

Chemical brow lifts often use either Botox or Dysport, both of which relax the muscles that are pulling your eyebrows down. This allows the muscles which are pulling the brows upward to work better. You can expect the results to last between three and six months.

Another approach is to use a laser peel, which will tighten the skin on your forehead and raise your brows. These treatments can also be used together, depending on your preference and your pre-treatment appearance.

The main thing to remember is to be realistic about your expectations. Eyebrow lifts won’t make you look 20 years younger. They will, however, reduce the sagging that makes you look like you’re frowning, and they will help you appear more youthful, energetic, and rested.

What to Expect During a Noninvasive Brow Lift

Because surgical treatments are expensive and many people do not want to accept the risk involved in surgery, noninvasive brow lifts have become very popular. This type of treatment can reduce fine lines and wrinkles, giving you a more youthful, vibrant appearance.

Botox and Dermal Fillers

Individual results will vary from person to person.

The position of your eyebrows is largely determined by two distinct muscle groups. One group lifts them, and the other pulls them down. The Botox is used to relax the muscles that pull the brow down, allowing the other muscles to pull your brow up without any opposition. The dermal fillers are not required with all patients, but some may benefit from a dermal filler to create a youthful appearance.

Preparing for the Brow Lift

A noninvasive brow lift is a simple and quick procedure. It is also close to being a pain-free experience. All you must do to prepare is to stop taking aspirin, ibuprofen, vitamin E, St. John’s wort and other blood thinners for one week and avoid wine and multivitamins for two days prior to the procedure.

The Brow Lift Procedure

During the procedure, you will receive several injections of Botox, dermal filler or both. No anaesthesia is required, but numbing cream may be offered if it is needed. Afterward, you will experience some mild swelling and bruising that usually disappears in a few days. Most patients are able to resume their usual activities the following day. Depending on the specific injections received, the brow lift will last for four to nine months.

What is a Temporal Brow Lift?

As you age, the skin near your eyes and eyebrows will lose its elasticity. The youthful, tight and wrinkle-free aesthetic you once enjoyed may become a memory. Although there is no miracle anti-aging solution, there are ways to combat the sags and droops. A temporal eyebrow lift is one option that can eliminate the folds, wrinkles and baggy skin in the brow area.

Unlike a traditional eyebrow lift, this procedure doesn’t involve reconstruction of the muscles, so it’s less invasive. A temporal lift tightens and removes excess skin around the eyebrows, and the procedure takes approximately one hour. Hairline incisions are made at the temples, so each outer corner of the forehead gets lifted. The small slits are closed with sutures.

You may experience slight discomfort after the procedure, but this can be easily controlled with pain relief medication. If you see bruising or swelling, you can minimize it by elevating your head while you sleep. After approximately one week, you’ll be able to go back to your normal daily activities, but you may want to wait a few weeks to resume strenuous exercise.

The risks of a temporal brow lift are low if you follow the post-surgery instructions. This procedure is a quick, safe and effective way to elevate the eyebrows. You can easily battle the sagging, wrinkling and slouching near your brows without having to undergo extensive surgery. It’s the ideal solution if you want to regain the subtle eyebrow arch of your youth.

What is a Laser Eyebrow Lift? Are There Alternatives?

In the past, plastic surgeons used invasive techniques involving scalpels to complete brow lifts. Today, you can have your brow lifted with a combination of endoscopic surgery and lasers, which is less invasive than surgery, but still more invasive than injectables.

Procedure Details

With a laser eyebrow lift, you’ll receive a forehead lift that does not require long incisions. Instead, six small incisions are usually made in inconspicuous areas. To complete the treatment, your surgeon will use an optical telescope that features video imaging. The device allows him or her to see surgical sections that are not easily accessible. Furthermore, the laser allows your surgeon to work with pinpoint precision. The laser procedure results in less bleeding, and you should heal more quickly.

During the operation, your forehead is released down toward your brow and up to the top section of your head. The laser frees the muscles in this part of your face, which decreases the appearance of wrinkles. The treatment also permits upward rotation of your forehead and brow. Once mobilization begins, the surgeon will rotate some of the area’s tissue upward and attach it with sutures to raise your forehead and brow.

Laser Eyebrow Lift Benefits Without the Surgery!

A laser eyebrow lift will decrease the signs of aging by minimizing wrinkles and lines. In addition, most people recover from the procedure in about a week. However, you can achieve these same results with Botox with overnight recovery and no incisions! When used properly, Botox can lift the brow by relaxing the obicularis muscle that pulls the brow down any time you squint or smile. This muscle is located at the ends of the eyebrow, near the temple, and a small injection can relax this muscle for a non-surgical Botox brow lift.

Looking for a Non-Surgical Alternative to Brow Lifts? Consider Botox!

Individual results will vary from person to person.

Are you concerned about sagging eyebrows but aren’t so thrilled with the idea of going under the knife to get a brow lift? Surgery isn’t right for everyone, and it’s not your only option. Botox, a quick and relatively painless procedure, can deliver similar results in a single appointment.

While surgery is ideal for creating dramatic changes, a non-invasive Botox brow lift looks more natural and doesn’t come with the risks associated with surgery or a long recovery period. In fact, Botox requires no downtime at all, so you can get back to your normal routine immediately after your appointment.

To understand how Botox can double as a non-surgical brow lift, picture your eyebrow as a sagging muscle. As you age, the loss of fat and normal changes within the brow bone can cause your eyebrows to droop. Botox works by relaxing the muscle that puts excessive pressure on your eyebrows and forehead. As a result, the area around the eyes looks brighter and the face appears years younger.

Even if you’re thinking about doing a brow lift down the road, getting started with Botox can give you an idea of what you can expect after the procedure. Since Botox is temporary, you don’t need to worry about making any long-term commitments until you feel comfortable enough to go through with your surgery. If you love the results from your Botox brow lift and prefer to stick with non-invasive treatments in the future, maintaining your new look is a breeze with occasional appointments that can easily fit into your schedule.