Dermal fillers are injectable substances used to rejuvenate, fill and shape the skin. At Skin by Lovely, we use fillers derived from a hyaluronic acid gel that is similar to natural skin. Due to the biologically similar formula, our fillers slowly absorb into the body over time. The length a treatment lasts depends on the individual as well as the area being treated. In most areas of the face, patients will enjoy their full results for six to twelve months, after which touch-up treatments can be performed to revive the area. Fillers used to augment the lips typically require more frequent touch ups, often at four to eight months after treatment. Age, skin structure and the desired amount of correction will also affect how long dermal fillers last.

For Los Angeles residents interested in revitalizing their skin, Skin by Lovely in Santa Monica offers several dermal fillers designed to add natural-looking volume to the face. Our experienced clinicians are not only some of the most skilled and gentle in the area, but they are dedicated to providing beautiful, individualized results that patients can count on time after time.