De-puff & Detox this New Year

The holidays can be a double edge sword of sorts. While the season is filled with love and joy can do wonders for your spirit…it can take a toll on your body. Sugar and alcohol indulgences, missed gym sessions, and of course, a serious lack of rest and relaxation will have many of us dragging well into the new year.

Curing the dreaded bloat, puffy eyes, and dehydrated skin can pose quite the challenge too. But, with a little dedication and routine, there’s no reason we can’t begin feeling bright-eyed and bushy-tailed in just a few short weeks.

Here are seven tried and true tips for a post-holiday body “re-boot.”

  1. Drink lemon water every morning

The benefits we reap from lemon water seem never-ending. One of the most note-worthy though, is its ability to flush out built-up toxins. Pro tip: Drink it warm and it’ll work even better at expelling all that “bad stuff” trapped in your body.

Thanks to its antioxidant properties and high levels of Vitamin C, lemon water is also an all-natural, “medicine” for the skin. It will cleanse and protect it from free radicals and is also known to encourage a healthy metabolism, aid in fighting certain cancers, promote colon health and digestion, and assist in alkalizing the body.

  1. Indulge in a detox bath

Just in case you needed another reason to justify taking a nice long bath, detox baths are a godsend after too much holiday fun. They’re a great way to get some quality “you time” while relieving stress and emptying your body of the nasty toxins you’ve accumulated this winter. Check out these detox bath recipes that are sure to make you feel better all over.

  1. Exfoliate (ever so gently)

Wipe away the wear and tear your skin endured last month. From sleepless nights to those nights you never removed your makeup, your skin is probably drier and duller than ever. You might be dealing with a breakout too – even if you’re not acne prone.

It’s time to say goodbye to those dead and icky skin cells. Using an acid to gently exfoliate will be your skin’s best defense this winter. If you’ve never tried a Retinol before, consider adding Skin Medica’s Retinol Complex to your skincare regimen. It’s a staple anti-aging product that will relieve acne and transform your skin’s tone and texture. Another effective exfoliating product is Skin Medica’s AHA BHA cleanser, which uses alpha and beta hydroxy acids to smooth and brighten your skin.

  1. Ditch the salt and sugar

No, it’s not an old wives’ tale. Consuming chocolate – or any sugary food really does cause break outs. Sugar raises your insulin levels resulting in inflammation, which will often trigger a pimple or in some cases, a full-blown break out. And salt will make you retain water weight, which leads to that undesirable bloat. So for the sake of your skin and your tummy, lay off the sweet and salty foods for a while. But if you really need something sweet to satisfy that hankering, drink a homemade fruit and greens smoothie. And for that salt craving? Try a delectable bone broth to warm your ahem, bones…and boost your immune system.

  1. Get your Z’s

It’s time to catch up on some sleep. Not only will you feel better and more productive at work, you’ll also be more inclined to get back to the gym. Oh, and let’s not forget about your skin. Those dark, tired circles under your eyes will definitely thank you. But let’s face it; getting more sleep is easier said than done.

Make sure your 2nd (or 3rd) cup of coffee is before 2PM so you’ll have plenty of time for the caffeine to leave your system. And if you’re still feeling wired at 9PM, consider drinking a chamomile tea and turning off the tube an hour earlier than usual. Also, hitting the gym in the early AM versus the evening time is known to help you unwind easier at night.

  1. Make nice with ice

Need an under-eye “de-puffing” stat? Well, you’re in luck. The solution actually comes from your kitchen. It’s also free. Ice cubes. Yep, you read correctly. When rubbed on the skin and held under the eyes after a gentle cleansing, ice will help reduce puffiness, redness, and will even shrink your pores! But if the messiness of a melting ice cube isn’t your thing, use an ice pack…frozen baby teething rings…or one of these nifty ice cube cups specifically designed for icing your face! Just be sure to keep the ice moving so you don’t unwillingly give yourself an ice burn

  1. Stay hydrated and moisturized!

That dry, crepey skin that’s making you grimace each time you look in the mirror? Sure, you can blame it on the dry winter air but only mother nature can change that.

Amp up the H2O intake ASAP! If the trips to the water dispenser are enough to prevent you from getting your 64+ ounces a day, consider filling up a gallon jug with distilled water that you can slowly drink from all day. It’s also time to get back to (or begin) that dedicated skin care regimen. In addition to using a cleanser that won’t dry you out, also make sure you’re applying a high-quality hyaluronic acid-based product, like SkinMedica’s HA5® Rejuvenating Hydrator both morning and night.

Hopefully one (or all) of these remedies will help you to start feeling revived and looking better than ever as you head into the new year. But of course, if you’re looking for a more intensive approach to refreshing your skin, we’re always here for you at Skin by Lovely – whether it’s assistance with creating a new skin care regimen, booking a wrinkle relaxer appointment, an under eye dermal filler treatment or a chemical peel appointment to really tackle those concerns.