There are three certainties in life; death, taxes, and an increase in the price of BOTOX.

Allergan, PLC took a first-of-its-kind step in September of 2016 when they published their ‘Social Contract with Patients’. In the post, their CEO pledged that Allergan would “not engage in price gouging actions or predatory pricing”, and would keep all annual price increases in the single digit percentages. The following January, Allergan kept their promise with of their annual price increases remaining below 10%.

Skin by Lovely is grateful to partner with a responsible corporate partner like Allergan; as it would be very easy for them to behave like other large pharmaceutical companies have done in the past and take exorbitant annual price increases. With their pledge, we are assured that we will be exposed to only moderate price increases in the future. It is extremely rare that any product or service vendor operates with such transparency.

With this, we are also assured that annual price increases will occur. As one of Allergan’s biggest customers in the US, we consider their notice of future price increases a tremendous gesture of respect. These price increases are necessary to fund the development of new products like Kybella® and generous patient rebate programs through Brilliant Distinctions®.

We are ‘paying it forward’ with our patients and followers by committing that our future price increases will be as small as possible so that we can fulfill our company’s responsibilities to our patients, employees, and the communities that we serve. Furthermore, we pledge to keep our modest price increases limited to those we must pass along due to manufacturer price increases.

Finally, some good news for our patients that as one of the largest BOTOX® offices in the U.S., we have access to Brilliant Distinctions® that many other offices do not have.
If you have any questions regarding Brilliant Distinctions® and the price of Botox and other injectables, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Thank you to all of our patients for all of your wonderful support!