Are you looking for a way to do more than just fill in facial lines and wrinkles? You are in luck, because Radiesse dermal filler does more than just help eliminate wrinkles caused by aging, UV rays and smoking. It also adds volume to skin, giving it rich vibrancy that can restore a youthful appearance.

What It Is

Radiesse is a synthetic wrinkle filler whose active ingredient is calcium hydroxylapatite. Hydroxylapatite is a versatile mineral that occurs naturally in teeth and bones. When used as a dermal filler, the calcium hydroxylapatite is combined with a gel and injected into the dermal layer of skin.

The product is FDA approved and has minimal side effects. Redness and swelling can occur after treatment, and there is a low risk of allergic reaction.

Benefits Of Treatment

Treatment with the dermal filler stimulates the production of collagen. Collagen is a protein created by the fibroblast cell and acts as the connective tissue in skin.

The filler lasts anywhere from four months to a year, and besides facial contouring it is also used to fill out lips as well as wrinkles and folds that occur on the hands and wrists. It can be injected during a short office visit, and it takes effect almost immediately.

Skin Care Tips

If redness, swelling or itching occurs after treatment, doctors recommend cold compresses to the affected areas. Sun exposure should be limited for 48 hours after treatment. Gentle, circular massage can be applied to the skin, and makeup should not be used immediately after treatment.

Radiesse has been used for years and has undergone extensive testing. If you are looking for a long-lasting way to look and feel younger, the skin care professionals at  Skin by Lovely in Santa Monica are recognized nationally as experts in the field of aesthetic skin care, so call us today to ask about this amazing dermal filler!