Will Restylane filler injections help you get the new face that you’re seeking?

It’s true: You don’t need to go through plastic surgery to get a more youthful appearance. You can enhance your facial features more safely without lasers or incisions; plus, this face lift is reversible and easy to modify. Restylane is the dermal-filler solution created using your body’s natural chemistry that gives age-defying results through quick, painless injections. Getting a Restylane treatment is an ideal first step for those considering getting minor cosmetic procedures since it’s much less invasive and safer than the majority of traditional aesthetic treatments. While many often compare Juvederm, another similar dermal filler, to Restylane, the results of both can vary greatly depending on how specialists use them to treat different areas of the face.

Restylane vs. Juvederm: What should I know?

Here’s how Restylane and Juvederm are similar:
Individual results will vary from person to person.

The active ingredient of both Restylane and Juvederm is the same: hyaluronic acid. One of the main reasons why they have both become popular is that your skin already contains hyaluronic acid, so it’s extremely rare that you’ll have an allergic reaction to these injections. Patients can easily start receiving injections on the same day of their first consultation. Unlike other face-lifting injections that can have ingredients which may cause long-term inflammation complications and cysts, both Restylane and Juvederm are completely safe for your skin. A treatment of either takes only minutes, and any mild swelling typically subsides within only 24 hours after the injection; however, in many cases, mild bruising may be visible for days or weeks. Both treatments use gentle, local anesthesias that prevent any kind of discomfort. Best of all, appropriately licensed and trained medical professionals can give you results that look naturally beautiful.

How are Restylane and Juvederm different?

Many injectors have reported that Juvederm spreads out more to blend in with the natural contours of your face over time. This effect will give you a more subtle enhancement. You many need to get more treatments with Juvederm to maintain the same look you want in the long run. Restylane tends to hold its shape better in order to help your new appearance last a little longer, depending on the area of the face you have it injected. Juvederm may give a very smooth finish, but the results may offer less overall lift than Restylane; again, this depends on the area you have the product placed.

Both Restylane and Juvederm have different strengths in restoring vitality to different areas of the face. For example, Restylane is ideal for reshaping the lips due to its larger particle size. A Juvederm Ultra Plus application contains a slightly thicker filler than standard Juvederm, making it an excellent choice for reducing wrinkles for up to one year. Restylane applications to help lift the skin under the naso-labial folds are sometimes more effective than Juvederm because of the qualities of its unique chemical composition. Your licensed injector can advise you specifically about which one is best to give you the right look.

Restylane cost: Is that all I should look for in an injector?

The simple answer is no; cost definitely isn’t the only criteria to consider.  Your face is the only outfit that you wear every day, and Restylane is far from a ‘commodity’ product.  Do NOT shop for Restylane with the same mentality of shopping for a gallon of gasoline.  Always check the history of clinics to see how much experience the licensed injectors have. Look at their credentials and see where they’ve received their license, and how much advanced training they have received.  It’s also important to know if the injectors are trainers themselves, teaching other how to use Restylane.  This is a very important component of selecting the right injector. Ask to see any available before-and-after photographs to check the style of their work, and ask what kind of treatments are the most common for each specialist. While many specialists may use the same tools, some will perform certain types of facial improvements better than others, and you deserve to know what each specialist is best at before you decide where to receive your treatment.  Finally, schedule a consultation to meet with the injector.  You can do this remotely if they have a well-built YouTube channel which allows you to ‘virtually meet’ them before your in-person meeting, to see if you ‘click’.  The way that they apply the injections makes a great difference in the kind of results that you can get afterward.

Juvederm and Restylane: What’s the history behind them?

Individual results will vary from person to person.

Restylane received the first FDA approval of any hyaluronic-acid injection product for use in the United States in March of 2003. Restylane is the product of Q-Med, which is a division of the Galderma company located in Uppsala, Sweden. The Q-med company has recorded a total of more than 20 million Restylane treatments internationally as of 2015. Within the U.S., Medicis Aesthetics Holdings, Inc. became responsible for helping to market and distribute Restylane, which first became notable for its success in lip enhancements, removing lines at the corners of the mouth and smoothing out lines on the forehead.  Medicis was purchased by Valeant for a brief period of time before the assets (including the Restylane brand) were purchased by Galderma in 2014.

The Food and Drug Administration approved the Allergan, Inc. company’s first version of Juvederm in 2006.  This ‘first version’ did not include lidocaine, and was limited to just the Ultra and Ultra XC brands.  The first applications of Juvederm helped to reduce the appearance of “smile lines;” however, clients always required multiple appointments over time since the body eventually absorbs the hyaluronic-acid injection within a year. Allergan, Inc., best known as the maker of Botox, has released numerous versions of Juvederm since then, including the latest cheek augmentation solution, Voluma.  Skin by Lovely has been certified as one of the top 50 aesthetic practice in the country for the use of Juvederm and Voluma.

Do people use Restylane under eyes?

It’s common to use Restylane in the tear troughs under the eyes because it creates a lift for sagging tear ducts that makes your eyes look years younger. This procedure is very safe, and the skin of the eyelids recovers quite quickly. By itself, Restylane cannot cause any damage to the under-eye area. The most important point to remember is to make sure that your injection specialist has sufficient experience in eye treatments since this area requires a high-level of precision for best results. Most people see the results of their under-eye Restylane treatments last for at least six months or more.  There is one common side effect of using Restlyane under the eyes, and that is what’s call the tyndall effect.  Simply put, because of the unique composition of the Restylane molecules, it is likely to result in a bluish-tint coming through the thin undereye skin.  For this reason, many injectors prefer to use Juvederm or Belotero under the eyes.  If you are considering filler under the eyes, you should discuss this possibility with your injector.

What are the Restylane side effects that I should feel concerned about?

In some cases, patients may experience bruising, redness or swelling in the surrounding skin.  Some offices will claim to ‘guarantee’ that patients will not get a bruise from a filler injection, but common sense tells you that this is not possible.  Simply put, injecting a needle, and placing material into tissue that is full of blood vessels makes it extremely likely that some slight bruising will occur.  The good news is that the injectors at Skin by Lovely are recognized injection experts who take great care to avoid potential problem area, minimizing the chance of significant bruising.  The skin might feel more sensitive after the procedure, but this is a normal and temporary reaction. It’s best not to rub or massage the injection site but let it recover naturally instead. Applying ice immediately after the treatment helps speed up the recovery, and some patients report that taking Arnica over-the-counter is also helpful to minimize swelling. However, Restylane professionals advise not to take any common anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen for at least one week after the procedure because they can actually increase swelling at the injection site. Try to avoid exposure to the sun for a few days after the treatment as well.

Most adverse side effects are rare and only occur due to improper applications from unlicensed Restylane injectors. For further questions, consult your injector about any doubts you may have.  There is a significant issue in some states (like Oregon) with unlicensed injectors treating patients with Restylane.  You should always be careful to do your background checks.  Remember to share your full medical history with the specialist before the procedure to ensure that you are a fully qualified candidate for this procedure. Make sure that you also tell your specialist about any allergies you have to any anesthesias, topical or otherwise.

Restylane Price: Is there more that I should ask about?

While some think the price of Restylane is a bit steep, it’s actually quite inexpensive compared to the amount of money that the average woman spends on cosmetics and “youth-enhancing” creams that often don’t work.  And Restylane is certainly much less expensive than permanent facial surgery!  With that in mind, it’s always better to pay a little more for a specialist with more expertise than to settle for a cheaper deal from someone who just got their license; Restylane requires highly precise placement during the injections in order to prevent negative side effects.

Therefore, always check the reviews from the clinics that you are interested in before going there. If you have any doubts about a clinic offering Restylane treatments, you can always contact them and ask to see their credentials. Licensed injectors will have certification from an reputable medical board.  Always AVOID Groupon and other crowd-sourced online specials.  These are generally not from experienced, reputable clinics.

Ask your licensed injector what the options are to correct a procedure if you aren’t satisfied with the initial result; many will have special policies for follow-up facial adjustments. For example, some specialists will use additional injections of hyaluronidase to smooth out and adjust any lifted areas that look too exaggerated for your taste.

Bottom line is that price should NOT be the most important thing when considering a Restylane injection.  Results should be the most important thing.

Restylane Silk is the new injectable for lip augmentation.

Skin by Lovely was the first clinic in the state of Oregon to offer Restylane Silk.  Lips require an extra-soft touch for a natural-looking lift that will result in the pout that you’ve always dreamed of. That’s why only smaller, finer particles of hyaluronic acid are in the new Restylane Silk filler injections. This particular injection is ideal for filling in vertical lines around the lips and providing delicate lip enhancement that brings your lips into a beautifully balanced proportion. Restylane thus reverses the thinning of lips that naturally occurs with age and restores a relaxed vitality to the shape of your smile. An added benefit of Restylane Silk is that it’s easier to inject since it flows more freely due to the smaller particle size of the active ingredients; that means patients will have a decreased chance of pain. Results typically last for six months, and Galderma S.A. reports that 76 percent of their clients were so pleased with their Restylane Silk treatment that they returned for another follow-up injection six months later.  Skin by Lovely has significant experience with Restylane Silk.

Please note that Restylane should not be used in pregnant or chestfeeding women, those with bleeding disorders and those taking blood thinners to prevent clotting.

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