Don’t lie… We all take them, even if we don’t post them.

And don’t worry, you won’t see any judgement from us! We think it’s a great thing when someone feels confident about their beauty (as they should be)!

In case you’re one of the rare people out there who has never heard of a ‘selfie’, it’s a photo that you take of yourself. And personally, we think they get a bad rap. Maybe it’s the word itself? A word so commonplace and eye-roll provoking that we forget to realize that if someone is taking on of these ‘photos of self’, that they feel like they LOOK and FEEL good/amazing/beautiful/sexy/confident. And we will always think that’s a great thing.

Excellent for killing time in your car before work or while taking a break between sets at the gym, the infamous photo just sometimes begs to be taken. Let’s not forget either, those nights when we’re dressed to the nines and sporting a brand new hair style or flawless makeup application – those occasions definitely call for an extra special glamour shot session.

Sometimes though, selfies aren’t so fun – like those times when they reveal that unsightly patch of dry skin or when they force us to realize that those wrinkles around our mouth and eyes are definitely making their presence known. Oh, and don’t even get us started on the dreaded double chin selfie. Those are probably the worst of all the unflattering selfies. Where did that extra fat come from anyways? (DELETE PHOTO!)

For times like these, we’re here for you. Here’s our 6 ways you can make your selfie look as amazing as you feel:

  1. Consider Kybella. Want to get rid of that double chin for good? Kybella is an FDA-approved 45-minute procedure that will diminish submental fullness (also known as a “double chin”) permanently. With little to no pain and very minimal downtime, it’s a much more convenient and affordable alternative to liposuction too. Pair it with a little bit of Botox for the neckbands, and you’ll have the jawline of your dreams.
  1. Let the professionals pick your shades. While bright coral lips and extra bronzy cheeks might be all the rage right now, these makeup trends don’t work on everyone. Instead of “risking” a new shade with your selfie, let a professional makeup artist help you out next time you’re perusing a cosmetics store.
  1. Get Botox – or even, “Mini Botox.” Perhaps those wrinkles on your forehead have begun to take a toll on your face and as a result, your selfie photos too. Maybe it’s your crow’s feet that drive you nuts every time you smile. Botox can fix all of the above. But if you’re still wanting some muscle movement in your face, think about “Mini Botox,” which means only minimal injections for wrinkle prevention and maintenance. No photo smoothing app required.
  1. Soak up the sun. No, no, we’re not suggesting you damage your skin by laying out in the sun. We’re talking about picking a sunny, well-lit spot to snap that selfie. However, if you’re not into the artsy lens flare and prefer to keep the attention on your beautiful face, pick a spot outside near a wall, where you’ll get indirect sunlight. Whatever you do though, do not, we repeat, do not take your selfie under fluorescent or any overhead lighting. Doing so will create shadows that nightmares are made of.
  1. Contour your face. Whether it’s a result of aging or weight fluctuation from stress or dietary changes, you may have noticed that your face has, well, “fallen” a bit. No more apples in those cheeks means nowhere for that pretty pink blush to go. If you’re longing for some high cheekbones for you to show off your contouring skills, think about a cheek lifting and volume restoring dermal filler, like Restylane Lyft. A quick in-office treatment will “anchor” your face and keep your cheeks from sinking.
  1. Stay Hydrated. The amount of water you drink will greatly affect the look of your skin in your selfies. Want to hide those fine lines? Then make sure you’re going by the age old rule your elders have always preached – drink at least eight (large) glasses of H2O a day. Also, as tempting as it might be, don’t overindulge in alcohol or coffee as they’ll dehydrate you and therefore, strip your skin of that gorgeous glow.

So go on with your bad self, take those #noshameselfies with pride.

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Post contributed by: Leslie Thomas, Aesthetic Consultant