Have a stubborn blemish that is driving you crazy & it needs immediate attention, i.e. no time to get into the office for a facial?

Well in these dire situations, here’s how to properly do an extraction on your own…

The keys to a successful extraction are (1) open pores, (2) gentle pressure & (3) clean fingers!

  1. Take a warm shower to open the pores, cleanse & gently exfoliate.
  2. Wrap each of your pointer fingers in a clean unscented tissue.
  3. Place one finger at the side base of the blemish & gently apply pressure at the base of the other side of the blemish.
  4. Keep with the pressure until you see clear coming out of the white head. Wipe with an astringent like witch hazel.
  5. Dab a spot of clay acne mask over the extracted white head to calm and heal the area.

****For blackheads, use the same technique as above or apply a Biore Strip to get a bunch.
****If the blemish is cystic do not try and extract, come visit Lovely for a quick cortisone injection.