The Inside Scoop: Skin by Lovely Santa Monica’s Summer Skin Care Secrets

Ah, that sweet, sweet summertime heat. For many of us, it’s a welcomed change. The cloudless skies and warm air mean backyard barbecues, boat outings, and beach days a plenty. But let’s face it; the excessive sun exposure is harmful to your skin. So while we’d love to tell everyone to stay out of the sun completely, we know that’s just not a very realistic skin care “rule.” Plus, it is true what they say; a very small dose of Vitamin D is actually quite good for you.

Go ahead and soak up the last few weeks of summertime. Just make sure you’re taking care of your skin while doing so. You already know that this means investing in a paraben-free medical grade sunscreen like Elta MD UV Clear. But beyond sunscreen use, what else can you do to protect and nourish your skin in the summer?

We asked the professionals (AKA, Skin by Lovely Santa Monica Injection Specialists) to sound off on this question and share their summer skin care secrets.

Stacey Phelps HeadshotStacey’s Homemade Masks for Gentle Summertime Exfoliation

Stacey has a few unique summer skin care secrets up her sleeve. “I make masks with plain Greek yogurt to gently exfoliate my skin,” she answered when asked what her weekend morning routine entailed this summer. “The lactic acid in the yogurt leaves my skin feeling silky and smooth,” she added. Stacey also makes her own scrubs with honey and salt to exfoliate dry skin and increase cell turnover without the use of sun-sensitive ingredients. Honey is an awesome all-natural moisturizer with its super food properties that are beneficial to the skin. In fact, one of Skin by Lovely’s favorite staff products is the Body Deli Super food Enzyme Peel, which contains Manuka honey as one of its key ingredients.

Emilee Loves Natural Skin Care

Emilee doesn’t leave home without her Body Deli Hydra-mist spray. “I use it throughout the day to freshen up when I’m outside. It’s also great for sunburns and bug bites,” says the busy mom of two. The plant-based facial spray is full of vitamins like Tripeptide-5, Rovisome Vitamin-C and Sea Kelp Bioferment, which are all beneficial for healthy and glowing skin.

Lovely’s Skin Care Secrets for Expecting Mothers

Lovely, who recently gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, had to streamline her skin care regimen a bit during pregnancy. “I’m keeping it super simple with Alastin’s Gentle Cleanser, Vitamin C serum, and Intellishade Original SPF moisturizer each day,” she said. But staying away from active products with Retinol, Alpha & Beta hydroxy acids, etc. when you’re pregnant certainly isn’t the end of the world! Just be sure you’re keeping your skin extra hydrated and protected from the sun this summer.

Whether you’re a minimalist or enjoy constructing your own “potions” like Stacey, there are a few “rules” all of these ladies agree on when it comes to summer skin care. Keep your skin hydrated (they all love Hyaluronic Acid), use a Vitamin C serum daily, and most importantly, protect your skin from those harsh UVA/UVB rays with a medical grade sunscreen like Elta MD Clear, which has been featured in numerous skin care and beauty magazines lately.