Telling signs of aging can often be reversed or controlled, and one of the areas of your body that tends to show age faster and more prominently than others is the backs of your hands. One reason why the backs of your hands tend to develop age spots, wrinkles and dry skin is that your hands are used throughout every day and are oftentimes exposed to harsh elements. From windy and cold weather to repeated hand washing; your hands take the brunt of the work you do each and every day. In fact, your hands can look much older than the rest of your face and body as they can age quicker and thus give you an older appearance simply by appearing to be wrinkled, cracked and dry.

It is also common for many people to neglect their hands when applying moisturizer. This is especially true when you think about how often you do dishes, shower or bathe, wash your hands or simply have your hands exposed to water. All of these situations remove the natural oils from your hands and thus cause the skin on the back of your hands to dry out and succumb to aging issues. You can combat the signs of aging on your hands by paying close attention to how you care for your hands. Using moisturizer routinely, wearing gloves during dish washing, having your hands covered up during cold weather and making sure to baby the skin on your hands can all be used as ways to help stave off the signs of aging.

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