Seeking that perfect pout? Not everyone is born with luscious lips, but if you’re looking to improve your pout lip augmentation can give you what the gene pool didn’t.

The outline of your lips plays a huge part in how classically beautiful they appear to the outside world. Your lips may also lose some of their definition, fullness and elasticity as you age, requiring a little extra augmentation at a certain point.

Luckily, several different injections can improve your lip luster. Injecting your body’s own fat is usually your best bet. During this type of augmentation, your doctor will insert fat that was obtained from other parts of your body into your lips.

For temporary enhancement, hyaluronic acid is very effective. This clear gel is the key ingredient in most name-brand products, and can improve the look of your lips for up to six months.

Silicon implants, while popular in years’ past, are no longer en vogue when it comes to the lips. That’s because these implants are permanent and can be hard to remove even though the quality of their appearance quickly fades.

You have probably seen pictures of lip augmentations gone wrong in tabloids and on the internet. To avoid these embarrassing pitfalls, choose a highly trained clinician who’s well-versed in lip injectables. And please don’t overdo it! Understanding the limitations of these procedures will help you achieve a full, natural result that will leave you feeling confident.