If you are like most women, you probably think that you are doing all of the right things…

  • You pride yourself on constant attention and dedication to your skin regimen,
  • Carefully selecting and using only the best skincare products available
  • Always washing any traces of make-up from your face before bedtime
  • Diligently moisturizing
  • Using SPF…

Yet you STILL don’t get the results that you are looking for!

The truth is, if you are leaving your skin and beauty regimen at these steps alone; then you are missing out on a key component that can make all the difference in keeping your skin dewy, fresh, and impeccably youthful.

That’s right: the good old-fashioned facial.

Facials are more than just an occasional indulgence; in fact, many beauty experts and dermatologists insist that facials can help prevent the onslaught of wrinkles, prevent and treat adult acne, and even enhance a youthful glow.  Additionally, advanced technologies and skincare products have taken facials to the next level.  With so many wonderful benefits, it’s no wonder facials should be added to everyone’s regular skin and beauty regimen!

At Skin by Lovely and the Spa@SBL in Santa Monica, CA, we understand just how crucial facials are to maintaining your youth and vitality.  That’s why we’ve made 2012 the year of the facial: in addition to adding three expert aestheticians to our renowned team, we’ve also expanded our facial offerings from two days each week to six days.  Now you can stop by Skin by Lovely Spa and get the facial you deserve at a time that’s convenient for you!

The Spa@SBL at Skin by Lovely is quickly becoming one of LA’s best-kept secrets.  Our facials give that A-list glow everyone loves – so whether you’re stepping out on a red carpet or just out on the town, why not book a facial with one of our expert aestheticians?  From our 90-minute Signature Anti-Aging Facial to our speedy 50-minute Prep and Recovery Facial (perfect for the busy professional with a free lunch hour), our soothing and revitalizing facials will put that youthful glow back on your face in no time.

Once you’re done with your facial, why not browse through our range of skin treatments?  We’re certain once you experience the results of a Spa@SBL facial for yourself, you’ll want to experience our entire range of A-list skin and beauty treatments.

If you’re ready to add high-quality facial treatments to your beauty and skincare regimen, contact the Spa@SBl at Skin by Lovely in Santa Monica, CA to make your appointment today!

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