The benefits and our top 3 product recommendations

During your injectable appointment, you may have heard your Injection Specialist mention how important it is to protect your investment with quality skincare products. In addition to things like broad-spectrum SPF, Retinol, and Vitamin C— your injector likely recommended products containing Growth Factors and Peptides.

Curious as to what these two ingredients are and why exactly they come so highly recommended?

Keep reading to learn more about Growth Factors and Peptides and why you should consider adding them to your skincare routine.


What are Growth Factors in Skincare?

Skin professionals sing the praises of Growth Factors in skincare for a reason!

Growth Factors are proteins and a group of cell-stimulating biological substances produced by the body’s cells, including those found in the skin.1,2

In skincare products, Growth Factors are included in formulations for their ability to message to the skin to repair itself and, as a result— decrease the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.3


What are Peptides in Skincare?

Similar to Growth Factors in that they are both naturally-occurring biological substances, Peptides are molecules made of two or more amino acids.4 

They too act as messengers within the skin, promoting repair and enhancement of collagen production, resulting in the improved appearance of wrinkles.5,6 


Benefits of Growth Factors and Peptides in Skincare

As anyone over the age of 25 can attest, the visible signs of aging become more apparent with every passing year— making Growth Factors and Peptides two of the most impactful ingredients to look for in skincare products. 

Along with the improved appearance of skin wrinkling, benefits of Growth Factors and Peptides in skincare include:

    • Reduced sagging of the skin7
    • Increased collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid production8,9
    • Improved skin texture9
    • Increased skin hydration and plumper-looking skin10
    • A healthier skin barrier10
    • Younger, brighter-looking skin10,11


They also tend to play nicely with other ingredients, making them an easy addition to any skincare regimen.


How to use Growth Factors and Peptides in Your Skincare Routine

At Skin by Lovely, we recommend using your Growth Factor and Peptide skincare product(s) twice daily on cleansed skin.

Wondering how these ingredients might fit into your existing routine? Here’s an example of a simple but effective 3-step skincare regimen using medical-grade products:

  • Morning:
    1. Cleanse
    2. Growth Factors and Peptide Serum
    3. Moisturizer with Antioxidants and SPF
  • Night:
    1. Cleanse
    2. Growth Factors and Peptide Serum
    3. Moisturizer with Retinol


The Best Medical-Grade Products with Growth Factors and Peptides


SkinMedica TNS+ Advanced Growth Factor Serum

SkinMedica® TNS Advanced+ Serum

This dual-chambered serum by SkinMedica is designed to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles as well as sagging skin in as little as two weeks! 

After twelve weeks of use, patients reported that they looked up to six years younger AND experienced progressive results over the course of six months with daily serum application.

TNS Advanced+’s formula is as cutting-edge as it gets with Growth Factors AND an impressive Peptide Complex for fast and lasting results. 

An upgrade from the brand’s best-selling TNS Essential Serum, this Advanced Serum contains even more Growth Factors (450 vs. 380) and has a colorless and fragrance-free formula. 

If sagging skin is a skin concern for you, Advanced+ is the only Growth Factor product on the market proven to reduce lax skin. Advanced+ also contains marine extracts and flaxseed to bolster results and improve skin quality.7

TNS Advanced+ Serum can be purchased here.


NeoCutis® Bio Serum Firm

Next up on our recommended products list is Bio Serum Firm by NeoCutis. This formula is packed with both Growth Factors and Peptides and is designed to show results in as little as six days. 

Neocutis’ serum also includes amino acids Arginine and Glutamine to support collagen production, humectants for skin hydration, and antioxidants for skin protection. 

If dark spots are a concern for you, Bio Serum Firm contains Acetyl Glucosamine to help brighten skin tone. 

Bio Serum Firm is fragrance-free, lightweight, and cruelty-free.11

Bio Serum Firm can be purchased here.

Alastin Skincare® Restorative Skin Complex

Looking for a peptide-only formula? Alastin has you covered with their TriHex Technology®. 

Their Restorative Skin Complex is a serum designed to remove damaged collagen and elastin fibers, rebuild new fibers, and continually replenish these fibers with daily application.

In addition to their patented blend of peptides, Restorative Skin Complex also contains the powerful antioxidant Niacinamide to help combat hyperpigmentation.

This formula is ultra-hydrating, non-comedogenic, and cruelty-free.12

Restorative Skin Complex can be purchased here.


About Skin by Lovely™

Skin by Lovely specializes in FDA-approved, natural-looking, non-surgical, medical facial aesthetics and rejuvenation treatments. With practices in Santa Monica, CA, Portland, OR, Lake Oswego, OR, and Camas, WA, Skin by Lovely is certified by Allergan, the makers of Botox® and Juvederm®, as a Top 10 facial aesthetic practice in the United States and a Top 25 account for Galderma, the makers of Dysport® and Restylane®.

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