A plethora of factors cause skin to loose its youthful vitality. Age, sun exposure, pollution, diet and even smiling all have an effect on the smoothness of your skin. Dermal fillers are becoming an increasingly popular option for people in Los Angeles who want to restore elasticity and volume to their skin. The experts at Skin by Lovely in Santa Monica have been meeting the cosmetic needs of Los Angeles residents for years.

Adds volume to facial wrinkles and is ideal for superficial lines.

Juvederm Ultra XC
Combined with lidocaine to treat facial lines and folds. Great for the lips and lower face.

Juvederm Ultra Plus XC
Injected into the mid or deep dermis for moderate to severe wrinkles.

Smooths major wrinkles and skin depressions, redefines the lips, fills out the cheeks and softens acne scars.

Combined with lidocaine to correct moderate to severe wrinkles and augment the lips scars

Calcium based and used to volumize the lower face and hands.

These dermal fillers are all FDA approved, making them the ideal choice for anyone in Los Angeles who wants to look and feel younger. The injectors at Skin by Lovely in Santa Monica are nationally recognized educators who teach physicians how to use these amazing products.