Dermal fillers can smooth wrinkles, sculpt facial features and give your face a youthful, renewed look. For results that last six months or more, Restylane injections are a great option. They contain a natural sugar compound called hyaluronic acid that acts as a magnet for water and preserves volume under your skin’s surface. The expert clinicians at Skin by Lovely in Santa Monica are experienced in performing Restylane injections and can provide this service alone or in combination with other medical and cosmetic skin treatments.

The injection procedure is simple and only takes a few minutes. First, your clinician will select and sterilize treatment points. After the correct dosage is calculated, the Restylane filler is injected carefully under your skin. Injections are normally not painful, but if you have sensitive skin, a numbing cream can be provided to make the procedure more comfortable. Results are evident immediately.

To erase years from your appearance, trust the professionals at Skin by Lovely in Santa Monica. Clinical Director Lovely C. Laban, GNP-C, has attained national recognition as an instructor for advanced dermal filler injection techniques, and our devotion to quality results and patient satisfaction has made us one of the most popular medical spas in the greater Los Angeles area.