The French seems to have cornered the market in terms of looking and feeling great.  Here at Skin By Lovely in Santa Monica, CA, we have investigated what makes French women so great at, well, looking great…

And we have stumbled onto some great skincare secrets.

So what exactly can we learn about skincare from the French?

When it comes to the French, they do not regard skincare as a luxury; they see it as a necessary.  Rather than treating themselves to facial once or twice a year, French women regularly engage in luxury skincare that helps them maintain their collective gorgeous glow.  This is evident in the fact that skincare salons have popped up everywhere in France, allowing individuals to simply walk in and treat themselves to a facial.

Here at Skin By Lovely in Santa Monica, CA, we believe everyone should be inspired by the dedicated skincare of the French.  That is why we have made it possible for our customers to enjoy frequent facials at the Spa@SBL at Skin By Lovely.  These facials have been specifically designed to produce maximum results in just a short period of time.  Our frequent facials include the following treatments:


  • A 90-minute Anti-Aging Signature Facial;
  • A 75-minute iDerm Treatment;
  • A 75-minute Skin Rejuvenation Treatment;
  • And a 50-minute Prep and Recovery Facial.


As you can see, all facials are done within a short timeframe, thus embracing the French concept of luxurious yet efficient skincare.

For those with more time on their hands, the Spa@SBL at Skin By Lovely also offers semi-annual peels.  We are also the first skincare spa in Santa Monica to offer the new and incredible Perfect Peel, which will rejuvenate your skin and make it appear glowing and youthful after just one treatment.  The Perfect Peel is ideal for those with problem skin, old scars and wrinkles.

In addition to skincare, Skin By Lovely in Santa Monica also helps in the battle against wrinkles, crow’s feet and fine lines.  The experts at Skin By Lovely offer Botox and Dysport injections, allowing you to reclaim your youth and put your best face forward.

Here at Skin By Lovely in Santa Monica, we believe that the French should not be the only ones who understand the secrets behind great skincare.  From our refreshing facials to our peels and injections, we are committed to helping you look your very best.

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