Hi, I’m Lovely Laban, Medical Director at Skin by Lovely in Portland. Today I’m talking about Restylane and why you should choose Skin by Lovely’s facial aesthetics experts as your Restylane injectors in Portland.

Restylane actually has indication for lip injections and it contains lidocaine, so it makes it a little more pain-free in the lips.

At Skin by Lovely, we like to add Restylane for patients who need a little more support or structure in the mouth. You start to notice the lines coming down on each side of the mouth, and Restylane is a really great product to take care of those lines.

I have been injecting Restylane for almost 10 years and have served as an educator of this product for many years.

I look forward to meeting you and introducing you to Restylane.

Restylane Injectors in Portland