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So what happens if your Botox is uneven? Here’s the problem. Sometimes Botox, especially if it’s a first time treatment or if you’re newer to doing Botox, it doesn’t kick in evenly. So sometimes you really want to wait until the seven to 10 days to really make sure everything is kicked in before you go back to your provider for a touch-up.

The most common problem we see with Botox is sort of a “Spocking,” which means, in the forehead or the frontalis muscle, we get a little bit of peaking from the eyebrow and the eyebrow really likes to arch up but then the rest of the forehead is smooth and flat. So it’s a very, very easy fix. If that does happen to you, you could just put another unit, half a unit to two units, will usually fix that issue above where the sort of “Spocked” or arched brow is.

Another thing that sometimes people have is one muscle in the frown, sort of the corrugators in the frown between the eyes. One muscle will be stronger than the other, so when you frown, one side sort of still frowns but the other side doesn’t. Again, if this is still an issue after about a week to ten days after your Botox treatment, go back to your provider. It’s a very easy fix to put a little bit extra Botox in your strong side, and that will make everything nice and even.

“Why is my Botox uneven?” ¬†

Video discussion by Holly Buchko, nurse injection specialist at Skin by Lovely in Santa Monica.