Factors beyond your control, such as the Los Angeles sun, pollution and the unceasing process of aging, wage war against your best efforts to maintain younger looking, radiant skin. Skin by Lovely in Santa Monica offers Sculptra, a unique permanent filler that stimulates collagen production and fills out the natural contours of your face.

With so many dermal fillers and face shaping options on the Los Angeles market, it is hard to discern the best treatment options. The basic purpose of an injectable filler is to recontour any sagging or drooping areas by volumizing and smoothing out wrinkles and pockets of excess skin.


Most dermal fillers are made from a substance called hyaluronic acid. Sculptra is made with lactic acid. Both forms of acid are naturally produced by the body. However, lactic acid actually promotes cellular turnover and collagen production. Thus, treatment results last longer as the body works to restore youthfulness from within.


Sculptra is injected deeper into the layers of the skin than most other dermal fillers. Lasting up to two years and possibly longer, results are actually enhanced over time, as more and more collagen is produced. With other fillers, treatments must be redone in only four to six months.