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Everyone’s anatomy and skin is unique with distinct needs.  We understand this and believe that each person deserves a personalized, one-of-a-kind treatment plan.  We specialize in the most effective and safe FDA-approved, natural-looking, non-surgical medical facial injectables and skin rejuvenation treatments.


Botox is the most popular noninvasive cosmetic procedure performed.  By relaxing the targeted muscles, Botox can smooth dynamic wrinkles (from repetitive muscle movement).  The procedure is not painful, the injectable is administered with a very fine needle.  Results from Botox take two to three weeks to show, and will last from three to four months.



Working similarly to Botox, Dysport is effective for the correction of dynamic wrinkles, such as Crow’s Feet, Forehead Lines, and the Frown Line.  The full results will be seen 10-14 days after treatment.  A repeat Dysport session will not be necessary for three to four months.  The injectable can be part of a total skin rejuvenation plan, when combined with a dermal filler, such as Restylane, and a skin treatment, such as the Cosmelan Depigmentation Peel.




Jeuveau is the most recent FDA-approved wrinkle relaxer to hit the market in nearly a decade. Jeuveau works similar to other wrinkle relaxers by temporarily relaxing overactive muscles that cause wrinkles. Like Botox, the active ingredient in Jeuveau is Botulinum Toxin Type A. Results from clinical studies showed that Jeuveau may kick in faster than other wrinkle relaxers and may last longer for certain patients.


Similar to Botox and Dysport, Xeomin is comprised of Botulinum Toxin A.  Known for its ability to relax targeted muscles, Xeomin can eliminate dynamic wrinkles, all while keeping a natural-looking appearance.  One benefit Xeomin has over its competitors is the fact that it does not contain any additives, making the injectable less likely to cause a severe reaction.  Patients can expect to see their Xeomin results fully appear about 10 days after treatment, and they will last up to three months.



The world’s leading dermal filler, Juvederm is comprised of Hyaluronic Acid (HA). As an important building block of the skin’s structure, HA draws moisture into the tissues, plumping them and easing out wrinkles. The results of Juvederm injections can be seen right away; as the filler triggers the production of Collagen, these benefits will continue to improve. Juvederm will not require a second procedure for nine to twelve months, sometimes longer, making it an excellent value. Instantly after treatment, patients will have smoother, more contoured features, and a more youthful appearance. Juvederm can significantly improve:

-Fine lines

-Deep facial creases

-Nasolabial Folds

-Marionette Lines

-Volume loss in cheeks and across jawline

There are several formulas of Juvederm dermal fillers available today including:

-Juvederm Ultra XC

-Juvederm Ultra Plus XC

-Juvederm Voluma XC

-Juvederm Vollure XC

-Juvederm Volbella XC

Each one is unique in its viscosity (thickness and consistency), therefore perfect to meet a variety of different aesthetic needs.  Patients will see their results right away, and enjoy a rejuvenated appearance for up to a full year.



As people age, the skin of the face can become lax and sink, eventually causing facial lines and creases. Restylane, a dermal filler, is designed to increase the volume of facial tissues, to lift sagging skin and level wrinkles. Also excellent for creating fuller lips, Restylane can quickly restore a youthful appearance. The results from a treatment will last between six and nine months. When combined with another procedures such as Botox, patients can see optimal improvement with Restylane. Not only is Restylane great for facial creases, it can also improve the appearance of scars and add lost facial volume. The injectable will instantly:

-Even deep facial lines

-Smooth acne scarring

-Plump the lips

-Restore facial volume

-Correct ‘hollow’ areas under the eyes

There is no downtime necessary after Restylane injections; normal activities can be resumed the same afternoon. However, it is important that patients to not rub the treatment area for the first 72 hours, so as not to disperse the Restylane into the surrounding tissues. The results can last for up to nine months, after which time a repeat Restylane treatment is needed to maintain the benefits.

The types of Restylane dermal fillers include:


-Restylane Lyft

-Restylane Silk

-Restylane Defyne

-Restylane Refyne



Not only does Radiesse improve the appearance of static lines, it is excellent for restoring the depletion of facial volume that comes with age. Once the natural fatty deposits are decreased, areas such as the eyes and cheeks may begin to appear hollow. Radiesse is designed to bind with existing molecules to form scaffolding for facial structure. Sunken areas will see a renewed contour and shape; in some cases the results can last up to 24 months. Radiesse is a distinctively thick dermal filler, comprised of Calcium Hydroxyapatite (CaHA). As the tiny microspheres of CaHA bind with existing tissues, Radiesse will create natural scaffolding for the lower layers of skin. As a result, the benefits from Radiesse are long lasting. Radiesse is great for:

-Eliminating dark hollows under the eyes

-Creating prominent cheekbones

-Smooth deep facial lines and folds

-Providing contour to the jawline

-Improving facial symmetry

A local anesthetic is often used prior to a treatment with Radiesse; sessions will normally last under an hour. The results from Radiesse can be seen as soon as the treatment is finished. Tissues are immediately lifted and contoured, while facial lines are smoothed. The benefits of Radiesse will last from 18-24 months.



While there are multiple dermal fillers on the market, Belotero is one of the newest; it is quickly gaining in popularity. The injectable can immediately address moderate to severe lines and creases. Static wrinkles (appearing as the skin looses its elasticity) around the eyes, the mouth, and under the nose are plumped and smoothed with Belotero. The results can be seen right away; and they will last up to seven months. With a smooth, thin consistency, Belotero is perfect for treating delicate areas around the mouth and eyes. Comprised of Hyaluronic Acid, Belotero bonds with existing cells to immediately plump the tissues and ease fine lines. As the newest dermal filler on the market, Belotero can successfully improve:

-Smile Lines

-Nasolabial Folds

-Marionette Lines

-Crow’s Feet

-Volume along cheeks and under the eyes



Sculptra is a remarkable dermal filler, unique because it is comprised of Poly-L-Lactic Acid. Sometimes referred to as a ‘bio-stimulator’, Sculptra has an incredible ability to stimulate the body’s natural production of Collagen. Facial contours will regain a youthful, healthy shape with Sculptra. The injectable is administered in three sessions, spaced approximately four weeks apart. The results will slowly appear over the following several months, as the Collagen increases; benefits of Sculptra can remain for two years. Sculptra will enhance the look of:

-Hollow cheekbones

-Sunken Temples

-Thin Chin

-Boney Jawline

Sculptra is premixed with Lidocaine, making the injections comfortable. The benefits of Sculptra will take from three to four weeks to appear, as the tissue’s Collagen supply is slowly replaced. For optimal facial rejuvenation, patients will need to have three Sculptra treatments, spaced about four weeks apart. After this time, patients will not need a repeat session for up to two years.



Using the SkinPen, Micro-needling treatments create micro-injuries to the skin- causing an increase in collagen production. This treatment is great for improving the tone and texture of skin, reducing the appearance of scarring, as well as helping diminish unwanted pigmentation.


The first and only noninvasive treatment for the double chin has arrived at Skin by Lovely™. Injectable Kybella™ is FDA-approved to permanently eliminate excess submental fat below the chin. Through a quick series of tiny injections, Kybella™ will start to tear down the outer walls of targeted fat cells, allowing them to be safely absorbed and eliminated through the body’s natural inflammatory process. Over the next several months, a tight, smooth, youthful looking jawline will emerge. The sculpted chin can then be enjoyed for years to come, without any further maintenance treatments.


SkinMedica Chemical Peels:

SkinMedica Chemical Peels Illuminize and Rejuvenize are two of the most gentle and comprehensive peels in the SkinMedica line.  Both Illuminize and Rejuvenize are less harsh than other chemical peels, making it idea for certain patients.  These chemical peels utilize key ingredients for skin renewal, such as salicylic acid to exfoliate the skin and reduce inflammation, resorcinol to help salicylic acid penetrate deeper into the skin for more dramatic results, panthenol to provide moisture, isoceteth-20 to control salicylic acid penetration and peel uniformity, and retinol to increase collagen production.

Both Illuminize and Rejuvenize offer advantages over other chemical peels.  They cause little pain and require no downtime.  They are also good for all skin types and tones.


Vi Chemical Peel:

The Vi Peel is a gentle chemical peel, designed to restore luminous, smooth skin.  The Vi Peel is virtually pain-free; patients are comfortable during treatment.  There is also little risk for complications.  Compared to other, harsher chemical peels, the Vi requires little downtime and is safe for any complexion.  For the best results, patients will need a series of four Vi Peel treatments, spaced four weeks apart.


Cosmelan Depigmentation Peel:

 The Cosmelan Depigmentation Peel stands out from other chemical treatments because of its innovative blend of ingredients.  The Cosmelan has the power to even out the skin tone, decrease dark spots, fade areas of hyperpigmentation, and rejuvenate the appearance.  Gentle enough for any skin type, the Cosmelan Depigmentation Peel works well on patients of all ages.  Applied though a two-step process, the peel does not require any downtime.


Skin Care:

Skin care is the best way to protect the investment you’re making in your face. Whether you get Botox, dermal filler or any of our other treatments, a solid at-home skin care routine can make or break your amazing results. At Skin by Lovely we carry some of the best skin care lines available on the market. We carry brands such as The Body Deli, SkinMedica, NeoCutis and Revision. We are also proud to carry the cleanest makeup on the market, Jane Iredale.


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