As Lovely Laban’s first Injection Specialist hire, Marissa Abdo has had a huge impact on what Skin by Lovely is today. Now as the Clinical Administrator, Marissa ensures that Skin by Lovely’s clinical team and environment are fully-equipped to safely and effectively meet the aesthetic needs of our patients.

When she’s not busy injecting in our Santa Monica practice- she also leads training courses as a national trainer for Galderma, the makers of Dysport® and Restylane®.

Want to learn more about our gorgeous Marissa?

Get to know her in the following 10 Questions with Marissa Abdo >


1: Why Skin by Lovely?

Becoming a part of the Skin by Lovely team was complete serendipity!

My husband and I just moved from London and I was introduced to Lovely through a friend. Lovely was ready to take on her first Injection Specialist and that’s how it all began!

I’ve been so fortunate to be a part of building our team and culture throughout the years. It is a pleasure to come to work with such passionate people and happy patients.


2: Did you always want to work with injectables? How did you get your start in aesthetic medicine?

Growing up, I got the skincare bug from my mom, so I was always interested in skincare products. I credit her with my love of sunscreen! *thanks, mom* ?

I first fell in love with aesthetics my freshman year at university when I worked as a receptionist for a plastic surgeon. At the time, Botox® was still very new and I was so intrigued by it!

The surgeon I worked for would let me watch procedures, and after that I changed my major to nursing. The rest is history!


3: If you had to choose only one thing to inject forever & nothing else, would it be: wrinkle relaxers, dermal  filler, or Kybella®?

Oh man, what a hard question!

If I absolutely had to choose, it would be dermal filler.

With all of the new dermal fillers on the market, there’s a perfect product for every area and every patient. It’s just so versatile!

We can also achieve such dramatic results with it. Dermal filler can be used in areas you’d probably never think about to help maintain a youthful appearance- such as temples and building a jaw or chin!


4: What’s your favorite anti-aging skincare product & why?

SkinMedica’s HA5® is a life changer for me. It makes my skin feel so silky and hydrated

I’m actually so obsessed that I always have a back up bottle at home and I carry the travel size in my purse!

Pro-tip: If your skin dries out easily while traveling- this product is liquid gold. I would never even think about boarding a plane without my HA5!


5: You have a special certification behind your name that some may not know much about. What does being a ‘CANS’ signify & what does it mean for your patients?

CANS stands for Certified Aesthetic Nurse Specialist, which is a certification a nurse can acquire to show they have experience, knowledge, and expertise specifically in the aesthetic field.

As one of the first cohort of nurses to be certified in the country, it is a way for nurses to differentiate themselves so patients are confident they are getting safe and effective treatments.


6: Working with cosmetic injectables- have you ever dealt with skeptics and/or negativity? If so, how do you handle it?

Of course there are people out there that are negative about our industry, but I just think that comes with a lack of education on what we do and how the products actually work.

Unfortunately, you may see some less than optimal results in the media which can scare people off.

I always try to educate people that we use our products preventatively to replace volume where you naturally had it and relax muscles so fine lines and wrinkles don’t get deeper.

That way you stay looking youthful and natural but most importantly you still look like you!


7: What’s one thing most people don’t know about you?

My sorority sister invited me to join a book club when I first moved to California. We are still going strong seven years later! I’m a total book nerd.


8: What do you like the most about Santa Monica?

I love being near the beach, trying new restaurants, hiking, and exploring new parks with my daughter.

Not only do I work in Santa Monica, but I also live here. I am proud to be a part of this community.


9: What’s the number one thing on your bucket list?

Traveling! Anywhere and everywhere.

I am that crazy person that makes itineraries and maps out the best walking/subway routes to city highlights.


10: What do you value most in someone?

Honesty, loyalty, kindness, and definitely a sense of humor (I married a Brit so I appreciate some good banter!)

Marissa Abdo MS RN CANS, Sr. Injection Specialist and Clinical Administrator, is available for appointments at Skin by Lovely’s Santa Monica location.

She is also an educator and trainer for InjectionU.