Skin by Lovely Botox Treatment at Skin by Lovely Santa MonicaBotox is probably the largest cosmetic craze in Los Angeles since the advent of cosmetic surgery. Though it can produce proven anti-wrinkle effects, many opt for this relatively pain-free procedure without knowing all the facts. Here are seven fast facts that you should know about Botox before booking your next appointment.

1. Only licensed practitioners can inject Botox.  You can be rest assured that when you come to Skin by Lovely in Santa Monica for your Botox treatment, you are coming to the facility where physicians from around North America some to learn how to use this amazing product!

2. The word Botox comes from the active “clostridium botulinum toxin”, which acts to relax the overactive muscles which are causing the wrinkle.

3. Despite its origins, Botox is a very safe cosmetic procedure, and one of the most studied pharmaceuticals in history! Most reported complications are actually caused by mislabeled medications that are mistakenly used in its place.

4. This treatment is temporary and may need to be repeated as soon as every three months. Most Botox alternatives, such as Dysport or Xeomin, will need to be repeated as well.

5. Botox is a fast outpatient procedure. It’s done with localized injections and patients experience no downtime.

6. Botox can be used for more than just facial wrinkles. This muscle relaxant can also alleviate tension issues, such as muscle contractions, migraine headaches, even blepharospasm (overactive blinking)!

7. Botox has been approved for use in the United States since 1989!

Botox is a simple and effective way to minimize the appearance of wrinkles. But remember, there are a variety of procedures out there that can produce anti-wrinkle results. Come in to see us here at Skin by Lovely in Santa Monica to learn more about Botox, and about all your aesthetic options.