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People are expressive by nature. We delight, huff, and concentrate deeply. It all shows as we grow older. The markers furrow between our eyebrows, or crinkle at the edges of our eyes, eventually enduring throughout the day. If you are looking to soften these lines, consider Dysport, a BOTOX-alternative wrinkle relaxer, at Skin by Lovely. We have years of experience administering aesthetic treatments designed to accomplish what your fingertips cannot; a smoother, youthful appearance. A single treatment can last up to three months, but results will vary from patient to patient.

Did you know that Skin by Lovely is also a top 20 practice in the United States with Galderma, the makers of Dysport and Restylane? It’s true! You can trust our experience and our expertise.

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Our goal has remained the same since we opened our doors back in 2009—
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“There are many places in and around Portland that can do services like Botox / Dysport and other skin related products and services, but hands down (and many of my friends agree) Skin By Lovely is the only one that can give the service and understanding that they can give. “

- Dale A.

Dysport FAQs

Dysport vs BOTOX: What’s the difference?

While both are derived from, and contain the same main ingredient (botulinum toxin A), there are a few differences which impact the effect on the treatment area, the initial result, as well as longevity. However, every patient’s experience is different. It’s important to make the choice between BOTOX and Dysport based on a consultation with one of our Aesthetic Injection Specialists.

The FDA approved Dysport in 2009 for the temporary improvement in the appearance of moderate to severe glabellar lines in adults between 21 and 65 years old. It is the second aesthetic treatment to receive approval (after BOTOX), and considered safe for most people.

You are a good candidate if you are an adult between 21 and 65 years old, in good overall health, and seeking a temporary, noninvasive aesthetic enhancement. You should not receive this treatment if you have experienced a reaction to a past injectable, or if you are allergic to cow’s milk or dairy protein.

More information about Dysport may be found on their official website. You may also call us or meet with one of our Aesthetic Injection Specialists who will gladly answer any questions you have.

The best part about the procedure: you will have no downtime and should be able to continue your day immediately after receiving your injections.

Results vary but are usually visible by day seven. We may recommend a follow-up appointment to evaluate your results and, if necessary, administer a little more BOTOX. After three or four months, you will need a new treatment and can return to Skin by Lovely for maintenance.

You can read pre and post-care instructions here.

More information about Dysport may be found on their official website. You may also call us or meet with one of our Aesthetic Injection Specialists who will gladly answer any questions you have.

As the #1 BOTOX provider in Santa Monica and a top 20 Dysport provider in the United States, Skin by Lovely administers more wrinkle relaxing injectables in two weeks than the majority of top performing dermatologists and plastic surgeons do in one year. Injectables aren’t just one thing we do; it’s all we do. And our five star reviews reflect our experience and expertise. To top it off, many of our Aesthetic Injection Specialists are Certified Trainers with Galderma, the maker of Dysport, and Allergan, the maker of BOTOX.

Whether it’s BOTOX or Dysport, Skin by Lovely is a top destination for wrinkle relaxing injectables in Portland, Oregon. With two convenient locations, Skin by Lovely is the #1 BOTOX provider in Oregon. We also provide injectables training to physicians and nurses in our Injection U program in Lake Oswego and alongside our Santa Monica providers in our flagship Southern California location. When you come to Skin by Lovely, you’re entrusting your care and results in the hands of some of the top providers in the country.

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