Dynamic wrinkles are the result of repetitive muscle movements from facial expressions. These fine lines and deep creases may form between the eyebrows (Frown Lines), at the corners of the eyes (Crow’s Feet), and along the forehead. While there is nothing that can be done to reverse these early signs of aging, Skin by Lovely has a solution: Dysport.

Dysport at Skin by Lovely

dysportDysport is a minimally invasive treatment, used to temporarily eliminate dynamic wrinkles. Also known as Botulinum Toxin Type A, or obobotulinumtoxin, Dysport is injected with a small needle, blocking nerve impulses to the targeted muscle. As the area is unable to contract, the associated facial lines will ease and smooth out. The muscles surrounding the treatment area will continue to function as normal, so facial expressions are not affected. Dysport can efficiently improve the appearance of wrinkles on the upper face, as well as soften lines around the mouth and contour to the features. When used alone, Dysport can significantly improve the appearance. For optimal facial rejuvenation, Dysport can be paired with complimentary treatments, such as a dermal filler (Juvederm and Restylane) or a detoxifying facial.

The Ideal Dysport Candidate

Anyone that is unhappy with lines and wrinkles along the forehead or around the eyes, due to the aging process, can benefit from Dysport. Patients should be in overall good health, as well as understand the benefits and limitations of Dysport. Candidates with an allergy to Botox should not continue on with Dysport injections.

The Dysport Consultation

Skin by Lovely requires patients to have a one-on-one consultation prior to beginning any aesthetic treatment. This is a time for a brief examination of the skin, review of current medications, and a discussion of aesthetic goals. The Dysport treatment process will be explained in detail, and if the procedure can meet the desired goals, a personalized treatment plan will be created.

The Dysport Procedure

As soon as the initial consultation is complete, patients are ready to begin their Dysport injections. The practitioner will first determine the targeted treatment areas. She will then apply the Dysport using a very small needle. The treatment will take less than half an hour in the Skin by Lovely office. While Dysport injections are not considered painful, patients do report feeling a slight pinch during each injection. To improve the comfort level, patients may request a topical or local anesthetic to be used prior to treatment.

Results from Dysport

The benefits of Dysport will take several days to appear. Full wrinkle reducing results can be seen in 10 to 14 days. The tissue will continue to look smooth and relaxed for up to three months. When the results begin to fade, a repeat Dysport treatment will be needed to maintain a youthful appearance.

Potential Complications from Dysport

Dysport is considered a safe and effective treatment for the temporary improvement of dynamic wrinkles. Side effects from Dysport include redness, swelling, and bruising at the injection site. While more serious complications are extremely rare, they can include an allergic reaction, drooping eyelids, and nerve damage. The best way for patients to avoid a negative reaction after receiving Dysport is to trust an experienced aesthetic practice, such as Skin by Lovely.

Dysport in Santa Monica and Los Angeles, CA

Every year, Skin by Lovely performs some of the most aesthetic injections of any aesthetics practice in the country. As a national training center for injectables, a variety of physicians and aesthetic providers come to our office to advance their knowledge and skills. Skin by Lovely was one of the first aesthetic practices to provide Dysport when it came on the market in 2009. With an unmatched reputation for bringing natural looking and satisfying results, there is no more qualified Dysport provider than Skin by Lovely. Contact our office at 310.566.0858 to set up a consultation appointment.

The Best Dysport in Portland Oregon

A national training center for injectables, physicians and aesthetic providers come to our office in Portland Oregon to advance their skills with injectables like Dysport. When considering your Dysport treatment in Portland, consider Skin by Lovely. Contact us at 971-303-8060 to schedule your consultation.

Dysport Q&A

What is Dysport?

Dysport is a noninvasive procedure, designed to eliminate dynamic wrinkles, or those caused by repetitive muscle movements.

How does Dysport work?

Dysport, composed of Botulism Toxin, works to temporarily paralyze targeted muscles, which will then relax the associated fine lines and facial creases.

What areas can be treated with Dysport?

Dysport works well on Forehead Lines, Crow’s Feet, and Frown Lines (between the eyebrows).

Why consider Dysport at Skin by Lovely?

Skin by Lovely is top injectable provider in Los Angeles, and among the busiest in the United States. Our Dysport injections can effectively reduce wrinkles and deep facial creases, restoring a youthful appearance for months to come.

Who is the ideal candidate for Dysport?

The best candidate for Dysport injections will be in overall good health, fully understand the treatment, and have realistic expectations for the results.

Where will my Dysport injections be performed?

All injectables are performed at Skin by Lovely’s state-of-the-art office, located in Santa Monica, California.

Are Dysport injections painful?

No, Dysport is not considered to be painful. Most patients only report feeling a slight pinch immediately upon the injection.

Will anesthesia be used before my Dysport injections?

No anesthesia is normally used before Dysport injections. However a topical anesthetic can be requested to increase a patient’s comfort level.

How long do Dysport injections take to perform?

A Dysport session will take less than 30 minutes in the Skin by Lovely office. The actual injections take only a few minutes to complete.

When can I expect to see results Dysport injections?

Benefits of a Dysport treatment will begin to show in a few days. You should begin to see the full results from the injections in 10-14 days.

When can I return to work, after my Dysport injections?

Patients are able to return to normal activities that same afternoon.

How long will the results from Dysport injections last?

Benefits from a Dysport treatment will last between three and four months.

What are the possible risks from Dysport?

Side effects from Dysport can include redness, swelling, and bruising at the injection site. More serious complication may involve eyebrow or eyelid drooping, nerve damage, and facial asymmetry.

Is there anyone who should NOT receive Dysport injections?

Patients with an allergy to Botox should not receive Dysport injections.

Is a Dysport treatment affordable?

Yes, Dysport at Skin by Lovely is a great personal investment. Contact our office for more information on the exact cost of your Dysport treatment.

How can I pay for my Dysport injections?

To make Dysport easy on any budget, Skin by Lovely accepts cash, all major credit cards, and payments made through PayPal.

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