You may find it interesting or down-right confusing to think that I’m feminist who gets Botox or that a feminist could be interested in aesthetic treatments. ‘Botox isn’t for feminists!’ and you may be thinking ‘I thought feminists didn’t even wear makeup…’

Well, I’m here to tell you that while some feminists may not wear makeup, I’m a feminist who gets Botox and dermal filler.

And maybe even chemical peels. All on an extremely regular basis.

Isn’t that the beauty of feminism though? That it looks different on everyone, but the foundation stays the same? At the end of the day, we all share the common ground of advocating for women’s equality, rights and interests. Feminism, no matter who you are, is about empowering women.

This empowerment can take many forms. And it should! Women are multi-dimensional beings with SO many gifts to offer, but when a woman feels truly empowered she exudes confidence.

Confidence that commands respect of any room she enters. Confidence to sit at the head of the table. Confidence to speak up. Confidence to be herself.

The Self-Care Aspect

In our society, and often within the walls of my own practice, I hear women (and men) expressing concerns that aesthetic treatments are ‘vain’ or ‘self-centered’. While I don’t claim to know the hearts and minds of everyone receiving these treatments, I strongly believe that aesthetic treatments can be used to empower. At Skin by Lovely, we don’t view any of our treatments as a way to change or alter the way someone looks. We view them as tools to refresh and rejuvenate our patients’ appearances, and consequently, their self-confidence.

For those out there who still question how the motives behind treatments like Botox can be unpretentious in nature, I would just like to ask them-

Have you ever worked out, taken vitamins, gotten your hair done, or used a whitening toothpaste?

These are all self-care activities that help keep us healthy-looking and feeling our best. Same goes for aesthetic treatments. It’s simply not fair to say that self-care pertaining to the face is always motivated by vanity.

Also, Botox and dermal filler make me feel great! Like really good.

And notice how I said me. I get these treatments for myself and no one else. When I look refreshed, I feel beautiful. And when I feel beautiful, I feel like I can move mountains.

Now I’m not saying that every woman out there needs Botox or dermal filler, but what I am saying is that if aesthetic treatments make a woman feel stronger and more confident in who she is and who she’s meant to be – that is a good thing. It always will be.

Female & Proud

I am extremely proud to be a female. Women are strong, and passionate, and fierce. When a woman is confident, she is truly unstoppable.

To me, feminism means owning my femininity and standing confident in my individual and unique abilities. It doesn’t mean that I think I can do it all or be everything, every attribute, every mindset at any given time. I believe that as feminists we should honor our bodies and minds and, most importantly, prioritize our own self-care.

In a world where women are told who and what to be every minute of every day, self-confidence is crucial. Self-confidence is our foundation.

If we are strong in our feminine power, the world can give us unwarranted advice, attempt to rip our psyches to shreds, and try to bully us into submission- but all of it will fall on deaf ears. Because we simply won’t care to listen.

When we’re confident in ourselves, we know our worth.

We know our seat is at the table- and it doesn’t matter the color of our skin, how old we are, if we wear makeup, or shave, or if our wrinkles are tamed with Botox- we still deserve to be there. We all do.

i'm a feminist who gets botox

About the Author:

Lovely Laban GNP-C MSN is a practicing Aesthetic Injection Specialist, and is available for appointments at Skin by Lovely’s Portland location. She is also an educator and trainer for InjectionU.