There are three different types of Juvederm products. The first is Juvederm Ultra. Essentially, Juvederm Ultra is sort of the consistency of jelly. It’s going to be a very elegant product, very light product. It sort of goes into the fine lines and is used to refine areas of the skin, like the lips and nasolabial folds.

The second product by Juvederm is Juvederm Ultra Plus. This is a little bit more robust hyaluronic acid. It’s going to have a little bit more lift to the skin, and it’s going to stay a little bit longer than Juvederm Ultra.

And, finally, the third product is Juvederm Voluma. It’s a very robust hyaluronic acid. It adds a lot of lift to the area that it’s placed, and has a lot of staying power. It lasts about two years.  The most common areas to use this product is sort of in the periphery of the face, to hold up the scaffolding and prevent the face from falling over the natural process of age. It is really a nice product to accentuate a nice cheek bone.


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