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So many aesthetic lip treatments, so little time!
If you’re interested in lip enhancement, you’ve most likely heard the terms “lip filler”, “lip lift”, and “lip flip” come up.

Depending on your desired treatment outcome, there will more than likely be an option best suited for you. It’s just tough to know which one if you’re not aware of your options, or even if you are— the terms sound extremely similar and are difficult to differentiate.

Because the waters of aesthetic medicine can be tricky to navigate, our team is here to help! To us, an informed patient is a happy patient.

We’ve put together this simple guide for you to know the differences and be able to confidently choose which is right for you.

Keep scrolling for the basics on lip fillers vs. lip lifts vs. lip flips.

Lip Filler

What it is:

Lip filler before and after with Volbella
*Individual results may vary.

Lip fillers are an aesthetic treatment that utilizes hyaluronic acid-based dermal fillers to increase volume to the lip tissue.

There are many product options for your injector to choose from including Juvederm Ultra XC, Juvederm Volbella, and Restylane.

The flexibility and density of fillers vary to achieve specific looks. Volbella produces incredibly soft, natural-looking results. It is also great for smoothing fine lines around the mouth.

How much it costs:

The cost of lip fillers completely depends on the practice and/or injector you choose to do your treatment and are usually priced out per syringe or half syringe when available.

Full syringes range from $750-1100.

Treatment result expectations:

Lip fillers are a non-surgical treatment option, and their results are not permanent.

You can expect your lip fillers to last 6+ months, and treatment will need to be performed routinely to maintain optimal results.

Lip filler before and after with Juvederm ultra
*Individual results may vary.

Lip Lift

What it is:

A lip lift is a surgical procedure performed by a plastic surgeon that involves the removal of tissue from beneath the nose tip, shortening the distance between the nose and the upper lip.

This procedure results in more of the upper lip showing at rest and while smiling.

How much it costs:

As a surgical procedure requiring anesthesia, you can expect to spend +$3,500 depending on the area you live in.

Treatment result expectations:

Surgical lip lift results are permanent, but with general (and expected) aging of the mouth area, surgery may need to be performed again to maintain results down the road.

As with any surgery, lip lift surgeries do come with possible side effects such as scarring and difficulty healing of the wound site. Healing typically takes three to six months, but the appearance of the area can continue to soften for up to a year+.

Lip Flip

What it is:

A lip flip is a term for an aesthetic treatment that involves the use of a neuromodulator, such as Botox or Dysport, in the upper lip muscles in combination with dermal filler. Wrinkle relaxers used in strategic points near the cupid’s bow creates a “lifted” appearance and slight eversion of the lip.

Similar to the surgical lip lift, this treatment results in more of the upper lip showing at rest and while smiling, just less dramatically as it does not shorten the distance of the philtrum.

How much it costs:

lip filler and lip flip before and after with Restylane
*Individual results may vary.

The cost of a lip flip is dependent on how many units your upper lip needs. Typically 2-6 units of Botox are required for a subtle lip lift look.
Units may vary based on injector product choice.

Treatment result expectations:

Results from a lip flip are definitely more subtle in appearance in regards to lip volume. The injector isn’t filling the lip tissue with hyaluronic-acid gel, so the “volume” you see is a result of more of the lip showing.

Lip flips are often used in conjunction with lip dermal fillers for a perky and plump upper lip appearance.

Some patients do experience an altered upper lip feeling and may have slight difficulty drinking out of straws while the neuromodulator is fully kicked-in. This is due to the muscle relaxing mechanism of the neuromodulator. Most do not find it troublesome and are able to adjust to the feeling.

Neuromodulator results usually last 3 months, so treatments will need to be performed routinely to maintain that “perky” look.

Lip flip before and after with Botox
*Individual results may vary.

Lip Augmentation Questions Answered

Hopefully, this guide helped break down the differences between lip fillers, lip lifts, and lip flips.
Similar names, different treatment outcomes.

If you have additional questions regarding these treatments, our team at Skin by Lovely is here to help!

Skin by Lovely specializes in non-surgical treatment options such as dermal lip fillers and lip flips, while our Medical Directors Dr. Michelle Lee MD of Perk Plastic Surgery and Dr. Behrooz Torkian MD,  specializes in surgical procedures like lip lifts.

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