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Meet Dr. Jason Derico

Lake Oswego, OR Injection Specialist ND

Dr. Jason Derico is an Oregon-licensed naturopathic doctor with a singular focus and specialized training in aesthetic dermatology.  He is on the editorial board for LearnSkin and a member of the planning committee for the Integrative Dermatology Symposium.  With a passion for evidence-based results, he is constantly reviewing literature for up-to-date knowledge of information about dermatology, aesthetics, and skin care.  His artistic background, attention to detail, and gentle approach provide a solid foundation for beautiful, natural aesthetic results while delivering a superb patient experience.

Q&A with Dr. Jason

How does your experience as a Naturopathic Doctor influence your treatment approach as an Injection Specialist?

I love that I get to add little nutrition tips and advice when discussing skin care with my patients.

I take a holistic approach to health and wellness, so I’m always considering diet and lifestyle when treating patients.

Relationships are most important to me. The vibe I feel with my provider is crucial.

Technique and experience are very important as well, but I need trust and care with the person I allow to treat me.

Simple: Artistic medicine.

Two things I love combined.

What to Expect

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Please do not arrive earlier than your appointment time and arrive alone.

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