You know when you meet someone and instantly feel a connection to them? That is how I felt when I met Kris Rice! She lit up the room when she came by our Lake Oswego office. I wanted to sit and chat with her all day and I thought….. “I have to let my patients know about her”. We are in the business of helping people feel confident and I know first hand that Botox can help tremendously but true confidence comes from the inside. Well, guess what? Now we can have both! Kris was gracious enough to take the time to write us her top 5 tips to discover beauty from the inside out!

Top 5 Tips to Discover Beauty from the Inside Out

by Kris Rice-Deconstructing Wellness

There are endless ways to enhance your own beauty that comes from the modern society we live in. From something as simple as rocking your favorite lipstick, to the incredible treatments from Skin By Lovely, there’s no shortage of options to explore. But what if we shifted the focus inward and sought-after ways to explore and discover beauty from the inside out? Let’s get curious about what lies within ourselves that can be uncovered to discover honest and ageless beauty.
As a Health Coach I whole-heartedly believe in turning our focus inward to find the answers we’re looking for. There’s so much wisdom and beauty within ourselves that we don’t stop and acknowledge often enough. Today I’ll share with you my top 5 tips to discover beauty from the inside out.

1. Alignment

Have you ever been asked “what are you doing, because you look so good”? First off, amazing compliment to receive. Secondly, most often I find this has nothing to do with physical changes, and all to do with the glow of being in alignment with what brings us joy. Maybe you’re working on a project you’re passionate about, or you’re finally saying yes to following a dream you’ve kept hidden for years. When we’re in alignment with what makes our soul sing, it exudes from the inside out.

2. Joy

Deconstructing Wellness Lake Oswego life coach Joy creates a ripple effect. When we focus on feeling good and doing the things that make us happy, our outlook changes. Suddenly, instead of focusing on what could go wrong, we can let that thought slip away and focus on the areas of life that are bringing us happiness.
I’m not trying to be unrealistic and say that we’re meant to be joyful all the time—absolutely not. What would happen if you prioritized activities and spending time with the people who bring you joy? It’s amazing how prioritizing coffee with a friend can leave you feeling fulfilled and joyful, much more than if you’d spent that time on other to-do’s. Consider the unique areas of your life that bring you joy and let them be a priority.

3. Presence

Being present and enjoying the moment we’re in is somewhat of a forgotten art. The world around us rushes at a fast pace with a constant stream of distractions. Embracing your power of being present is a beautiful thing in and of itself, and that feeling will come forth from within you. Being present to the moment you’re in can leave you feeling content, appreciative and satisfied. I find the act of being present is a skill we often have to relearn. When you’re a child you live in the present moment and if you’re wrapped up in a great game your attention almost can’t be pulled away. Over time that changes, but I believe it’s worthy of our time and attention again.
The most effective and simple way to practice presence is to “single task” meaning no more of doing 5 things at the simultaneously. Be in the moment you’re given, observe how your heart and mind are filled from focusing your attention solely on the present. This small shift will completely change how you interact with the experience and what you take away from it. Work to cultivate presence in your life and it’ll pay you back beyond your expectations.

4. Gratitude

Deconstructing Wellness Lake Oswego life coach Cultivating a sense of gratitude and appreciation truly changes everything. The beauty is, creating a gratitude practice doesn’t cost a cent, and can be done anytime and from anywhere. I began a gratitude practice years ago, and it’s the only mindfulness practice I consistently practice every day. My favorite way to practice gratitude is to journal three to five things I’m grateful for that day. It’s simple, takes very little time, and is a perfect way to start or end your day. To be grateful will make you more present to the moments that may seem insignificant but actually fill your heart.

5. Confidence

It’s timeless and classic, but there is no better to tap into our own beauty than to be confident in our own skin. Learning to be comfortable and confident in who we are, and our place in the world, is an incredible gift not only to ourselves but to all the people in our lives. The moment we start being comfortable in our own skin is the day it all clicks into place. I love that this is so unique for each person too. Be curious and find the small aspects of your day that make your confidence grow. Confidence is all around us and most importantly within us if we are simply curious enough to seek it out. Confidence could be uncovered when you have glowing fresh skin. Or in the way you move your body in a yoga class. It could be in the clothes you choose to wear that day, or simply the confidence and contentment for where you are in life. By focusing on confidence our inner beauty can’t help but come forward.

Bonus Tip

Deconstructing Wellness Lake Oswego life coach In order to uncover your own inner beauty, remember the importance of granting yourself the grace and time to tune inward. Granting yourself this permission is often the toughest step, so if this doesn’t come naturally to you, let me help. I empower you to give yourself permission to prioritize you today. Even if it’s just 5 minutes to focus inward and explore this idea of unleashing your own inner beauty, I promise it’s 5 minutes that you won’t regret taking!
I hope this concept of embracing and discovering beauty from the inside out inspires you! I’m here to help you take this understanding to the next level, as well as empower change to your wellness journey. Let’s connect and learn to transform your wellness journey, book your free 20-minute health consultation today!

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