Micro-Needling Pre & Post Care - Skin by Lovely


Pre-Treatment Instructions:

  • STOP Hydroquinone and Retin A 3 days prior to treatment.
  • If you suffer from cold sores/fever blister – take Valtrex 3 days prior to treatment to prevent an outbreak.

Treatment Information:

  • mmediately after you will be red and flushed similar to sunburn.
    • Light Tx (Redness will resolve within 1-2 days)
    • Deep Tx (Redness will resolve within 2-3 days)
  • Swelling may be present when doing deeper treatments
  • Dryness and tightness with slight sloughing is normal

Post-Treatment Instructions:

  • Anti-inflammatory medications (such as Benadryl) may be taken before bed the evening after treatment.
  • Avoid hot sweaty exercise for 24-48hrs.
  • Avoid direct sun exposure and wear sunscreen daily starting the morning after treatment.
  • No shaving for men for a week after treatment.
  • Mineral makeup can be applied to skin 24hrs after treatment.
  • Avoid exfoliating face washes and products such as scrubs, Clarisonic, retinol, Alpha Hydroxy Acids (Glycolic, Lactic, Malic Acid, Salicylic) No Enzyme Peels or Microdermabrasion for 10-14 days.
  • Lightening products (such as Lytera 2.0) may be worked into your skincare regime 5 days post treatment.
  • For excessive dryness you may use 30mL grapeseed oil mixed with a pea size of Aquaphor.
Home Care – Light Treatments:
  • Wash face with a gentle cleanser (such as Refinement Cleanser or Cetaphil).
  • You can use a Hyaluronic Acid and Light Moisturizer.
  • Apply Sunblock during the day.
Home Care – AM Deep Treatments:
  • Wash face with a gentle cleanser (such as Alastin’s Gentle Cleanserl).
  • Apply 4 drops of the Hyaluronic Acid.
  • Apply 1-2 pumps of Alastin Skin Nectar.
  • Apply Sunblock (Minimum of 30 SPF, such as EltaMD Physical).
Home Care – PM Deep Treatments:
  • Apply Sunblock (Minimum of 30 SPF, such as EltaMD Physical).
  • Soak a wash cloth or cotton pads in (Mix 1 Tsp of White Vinegar with 1 cup of distilled water) apply to skin for 3-5 mins and leave on skin (do not wash off).
  • Apply 2 pumps of Alastin Skin Nectar.

Please contact us immediately at if you experiencing:

  • Difficulty breathing or swallowing
  • Intense pain the treated area
  • Excessive swelling that is increasing with time
  • Skin color and/or temperature changes other than bruising (where skin is white or hot/cold)
  • If you aren’t sure if what you are experiencing is normal – call or email us! We are happy to help!