radiesseAs we age, facial tissues will begin to lose elasticity, causing the skin to sag. The natural fatty deposits under the eyes, along the cheeks, and toward the jawline may also start to disappear, causing the features to become sharp and sunken. These changes can make the face appear ‘hollow’, looking tired and unhealthy. However, a fast visit to Skin by Lovely in Portland, or in Santa Monica in the Los Angeles area, can turn these early signs of aging around, resorting a refreshed, youthful appearance with dermal fillers like Radiesse.

Radiesse at Skin by Lovely

Radiesse is a well trusted dermal filler, used to replace lost the lost facial volume that occurs with age. The thick, calcium based gel creates a foundation for the lower layers of facial tissue, raising and plumping the skin. This product is also ideal for eliminating dark hollows under the eyes, creating more prominent cheek bones, filling in deep facial creases, and creating a more prominent chin/jawline. This filler is composed of a substance called Calcium Hydroxyapatite (CaHA). These tiny microspheres of CaHA will improve the skin’s natural scaffolding, and provide long-term improvement in the skin’s appearance.

This treatment can:

  • Eliminate dark hollows under the eyes
  • Create more prominent cheekbones
  • Fill in deep facial creases
  • Provide symmetry and shape to the jawline

The Ideal Candidate for Radiesse

The perfect candidate for Radiesse can be anyone who wants to improve the signs of early aging, but does not want to commit to a surgical procedure. Patients should be in good health, show a clear understanding of the dermal filler process, and hold reasonable expectations for their upcoming results. To determine if this is the right treatment for an individual’s needs, a consultation appointment will be required prior to scheduling a treatment.

Radiesse Injections

A treatment with Radiesse will take less than an hour in the Skin by Lovely office; it is perfect for a ‘lunchtime lift’. A local anesthetic or dental block may be administered before the session, to increase a patient’s comfort level during the injections. The product is then applied to the predetermined areas of the skin with a very thin needle.

No downtime is necessary after a Radiesse session; patients can immediately resume their daily activities. It is common for the injection site to become slightly red and mildly swollen, although this will resolve in a short time.

Radiesse Results

The benefits of Radiesse are immediately noticeable. The skin will be lifted and smoothed, with improved shape and volume. In the coming weeks, as Radiesse encourages the body’s production of Collagen, the appearance will continue to improve. The benefits from Radiesse generally last between 18-24 months, sometimes longer. To maintain a youthful appearance, a repeat treatment can be performed as the results begin to fade.

santa monica radiesse results

Individual results will vary from person to person.

Radiesse in Santa Monica, CA

Skin by Lovely is a renowned aesthetic practice in Santa Monica, California. We are one of busiest providers of injectables in the country. By maximizing our passion for facial beauty, Skin by Lovely has become the preferred provider of Radiesse, as well as other dermal fillers and Botulinum Toxins. Call our office at 310.566.0858 to find out more about treatments with Radiesse.

Radiesse in Portland, Oregon

If you are looking for some of the best Radiesse injectors in the Pacific Northwest, you should call 971-303-8060 to see one of our expert injectors in Portland for Radiesse treatments.

Radiesse Q&A

What is Radiesse?

Radiesse is a dermal filler, composed of Calcium Hydroxyapatite. It is used to eliminate static wrinkles such as Smile Lines and Marionette Lines; Radiesse can also raise the corners of the mouth, and fill in areas of depleting volume.

Who is the ideal candidate for this treatment?

Anyone troubled by the signs of early aging may make a great candidate for treatment.

Where are injections performed?

Injectable treatments are performed in the comfortable Skin by Lovely offices in Santa Monica, CA or Portland, OR.

Why choose Radiesse at Skin by Lovely?

Skin by Lovely is the most renowned aesthetic practice in California, providing more annual injections than anywhere else in the country. Our experience and skill, combined with the amazing wrinkled-reducing results of Radiesse, can restore a youthful appearance in minutes.

How is a procedure performed?

After the target area has been determined, Radiesse will be injected under the skin with a tiny needle.

How long does a treatment take?

Usually, a Radiesse session will take under 30 minutes, from start to finish.

How long will the results last?

Patients will see the benefits of Radiesse last from 18-24 months, sometimes longer. A repeat treatment, when these benefits begin to fade, can extend the results.

Are injections painful?

Patients report a slight pinch and pull during each injection. This discomfort lasts only for the first few minutes, however.

Is any anesthesia used?

No anesthetic is normally used before Radiesse injections. Patients can request a local or topical anesthetic however, to improve their comfort level during treatment.

What can be expected from the recovery period?

Redness and swelling at the treatment site is common, although these will dissipate quickly. Some initial bleeding and bruising may occur as well.

When can I return to work after treatment?

Patients can resume their usual activities the same day.

What are the risks?

Side effects include redness and mild swelling. Although rare, a more serious complication can occur, such as nerve damage and facial asymmetry.

Are injections affordable?

If you are interested in resorting a youthful appearance, you will find Radiesse injections to be a worthwhile investment. With results that last up to two years, the cost breaks down to a small monthly amount, which makes this filler very affordable.

What are my payment choices?

Skin by Lovely accepts cash, all major credit cards, and payments through PayPal. If you would like more information on the exact cost of a Radiesse procedure contact our office today.

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