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Chin Augmentation in OR, WA, and CA 

Chin dermal filler is an amazing way to enhance the profile. Natural-looking, non-surgical dermal fillers can create a subtle forward protrusion of the chin. Soft results that deliver facial balancing and subtle definition, while being soft and subtle, can still provide amazing confidence-boosting results. Subtle is not the opposite of impactful!

There are plenty of reasons you should consider chin augmentation. Many people feel that their chin could use a bit of extra definition. This is the perfect way to strengthen your chin without making a drastic change to your face. You want the look to remain natural, which is why chin augmentation fillers work so well.

With a simple, nonsurgical treatment, you can quickly increase the projection of your chin or boost your facial symmetry. One of the things we stress here at Skin by Lovely is embracing your unique loveliness—your goal shouldn’t be to completely change your whole look! Instead, use a treatment or two to boost what’s already beautiful about you.

If you like your face shape but always wished to have just a bit more contour to your jawline, you can’t go wrong with jawline enhancement fillers.

You may worry that nonsurgical versions of chin augmentation in OR, WA, and CA won’t last very long, but you don’t have to fret about that. These treatments last for several months and can be touched up quickly with another visit to one of our clinics.

Whether you want to reduce the severity of a cleft chin or you’re interested in restoring structure to your lower face, a simple chin augmentation treatment can get the job done. Get this effective solution to your concerns by contacting our incredible team members and professional consultants today!

Chin Augmentation Before & Afters

Dermal filler placed in the chin can help sculpt, define & elongate your face.

When the time comes to enhance your chin, there are a lot of great reasons to choose nonsurgical chin augmentation. If you’d like to learn more about any of these reasons or about any of the other treatments we offer, don’t hesitate to reach out. The team here at Skin by Lovely is always ready to help you feel more comfortable about an upcoming treatment.

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Before and after of jawline and chin dermal filler
Chin Filler Before and After at Skin by Lovely Portland & Santa Monica

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“I went to Skin By Lovely to get a little filler in my chin and cheeks. I was very nervous about the process because I had never done anything like it before. Upon arrival, I was instantly put to ease. I was so comfortable and all the girls greeted me as if I had known them for years.”

Aisha A.

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