Transcript:  Often patients come in and they ask what they can do about their neck. A lot of the times patients have sagging here in the front of their neck as well as along their jawline. So patients want to know what they can do to tighten that up. For example, if we look at this example right here, this patient how her jawline just folds right into her neck and she doesn’t have a very defined jawline.

What we do is we can help that with Botox by injecting the platysmal bands and the DAOs that pull down the corners of your mouth. Very gently we put in Botox right along the jawline as well as the DAOs to flip up the corners of your mouth. We also put them in the platysmal bands, that are these bands right here when you show your bottom teeth. And we can inject these muscles right here that will tuck away into that jawline. If you look here we do have an example which is also on our website of the before where her jawline just kind of folds right into her neck just like the other picture, and how this one is a way more defined jawline.