The ill effects of the over-freeze

Often times patients will tell me, “I want the treatment to look natural.”  As you know, this is ALWAYS my goal and I kindly reply, “You have come to the right place!”  This is a very valid concern considering we live in LA and see so many frozen and overly-filled faces.  I feel that it is the aesthetic practitioner’s responsibility to explain to patients that this look does not make you look younger.  In fact, it often has the opposite effect!  It is important for me to educate my clients on why I will never freeze you.

When we inject Botox or Dysport, we are relaxing the muscle for around 3-4 months.  During this time, the lines that had formed in between the muscles start to soften and the skin starts to remodel itself to fill them in.  My intention is to keep some movement so that your muscle retains it’s shape.  Think of working out, when you exercise, your muscles get toned.  If you stop, your muscles will eventually break down and turn to fat…sorry but true.  Now think of your forehead, we want it working out just a little to keep it toned.  Muscles add shape to our face so when they are overly frozen, the shape can be affected.  Look at the example picture, no one wants to look this way!  I promise you that I will always take care of your aging needs and always keep you looking natural and refreshed!