Start looking into aesthetic treatments and you are instantly flooded with options. It’s difficult to know which treatments to pursue and spend your hard-earned money on.

We know it’s tougher to be a consumer now more than ever before so we wanted to put together this list of 7 aesthetic treatments that actually work. We’ve also included before and after images of our real patients. (with their permission, of course!)

At Skin by Lovely, we specialize in only the most effective, FDA-approved medical aesthetic treatments. If you’re looking for real results, these treatments deliver.

1. Botox Brow Lift

If you want a brighter and more lifted eye area, ask your Injection Specialist about a Botox brow lift! Wrinkle relaxers when used strategically around the eye slightly lift the forehead muscles resulting in a natural-looking, non-surgical brow lift. Brow lifts can also be achieved by using Jeuveau, Dysport and Xeomin.

Appointments take less than 30 minutes and results last three to four months.

2. Dermal filler to Build and Contour the Jawline

Dermal fillers such as Radiesse, Juvederm Voluma, and Restylane Lyft can be used to build structure along the jawline. The jawline can also be defined with dermal filler to create a distinct edge where the jaw meets the ear.

This non-surgical procedure takes under an hour and results last anywhere from one to two years.

Learn more about jawline dermal filler in our patient and injector Q & A, Your Questions Answered: All About Jawline Dermal Filler.

3. Microneedling to Reduce Scarring

Do you have facial scarring? Whether you have old acne scars, scarring from an injury, or biopsy scarring— microneedling can help!

Microneedling is a treatment that creates micro-injuries to the skin. This process encourages the production of collagen and elastin which reduces the appearance of scar tissue.

Multiple treatments may be required to obtain maximum results, but some patients experience their desired outcome after just one treatment.

Treatments are usually spaced four to six weeks apart, and your Injection Specialist will tailor a maintenance regimen if needed.

4. Dermal Filler to Reduce Sagging Jowls

As we age, we gradually lose facial volume and gravity inevitably takes its toll. Our lower face is usually where this is seen most and “jowls” sometimes appear.

By injecting a hyaluronic acid based dermal filler such as Restylane Lyft, Juvederm Voluma, or Juvederm Ultra Plus XC along the cheekbones and in the temples, Skin by Lovely Injection Specialists use an anchoring technique that lifts the entire lower face.

The result is diminished jowling and less severe nasolabial folds.

This treatment can last anywhere from one to two years depending on the patient.  Watch as Skin by Lovey Co-Founder and Clinical Director Lovely Laban MSN GNP-C performs a non-surgical cheek and temple dermal filler procedure.

5. Botox to Slim the Masseter Muscles

The masseters are the muscles located at the back of the jawline. They help us talk and chew, but they can sometimes be overworked or “bulky” in appearance. In addition to being visually noticeable, this can also result in TMJ pain and teeth grinding.

If you have oversized masseters, wrinkle relaxers can help relax these muscles resulting in a slimmer appearance.

This treatment takes under half an hour and results can last up to a year.

Watch as Portland Injection Specialist Rachel Pangilinan FNP-C uses wrinkle relaxers for masseter slimming and teeth grinding.

6. Kybella to Eliminate the Double Chin

Kybella is unique in that its results are truly permanent.
Yes, permanent AND non-surgical!

Kybella is an injection for the double-chin area (it can also be used on the jowls) that permanently eliminates fat cells. If you have excess submental fat that is resistant to diet and exercise, Kybella can help!

A series of treatments spaced 4-6 weeks apart is typically recommended for maximum results.

Learn more about Kybella in Skin by Lovely’s 9 Must-know Facts about Kybella, or watch a Kybella consult and treatment demo!

7. Professional-Grade Skincare to improve Health of the Skin

Last, but certainly not least, on our list is professional-grade skincare.
If you are looking to maintain aesthetic treatment results or treat skin issues such as hyperpigmentation, crepey skin, redness and inflammation, or poor tone and texture — you need to be using high-quality, targeted concern skincare products.

Not all products are created equally, and the results will show in your skin.
At Skin by Lovely, we recommend brands like Revision Skincare, SkinMedica, and Alastin Skincare.

The cosmetics you put on your skin also matter! We love the brand Jane Iredale as it is comprised of only natural ingredients that won’t cause premature aging.

All these brands and more can be purchased at any of our Skin by Lovely locations.

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