Botox is the creme de la creme of facial anti-aging. But let’s face it, not everyone is a good candidate for treatment. If Botox isn’t your thing, there are some great Botox alternatives that can help. While we can’t promise the same results you’d get from Botox, we can work with you to come up with a results-oriented treatment regimen that you’ll love.

Which Botox Alternatives Actually Work?

If you’re looking for Botox alternatives, a visit to Skin by Lovely in Santa Monica, CA or Portland, OR can help save you time and money on fad treatments and products that don’t produce results. There are many topical products sold online that are touted as “Better than Botox” and claim to take 10 years off your face. However, if you desire real anti-aging results, seek skin care from anti-aging professionals like the licensed injection specialists Skin by Lovely. Our team includes physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and registered nurses who are experts in facial anatomy and skin care. Our expertise gives us insight into what works and what doesn’t.

If you’re ready to bypass all of the hype found online and get straight to the real anti-aging treatments, continue reading below.

Dysport and Xeomin: The Lesser-Known Injectable Wrinkle Relaxers

If Botox is like Coca-Cola, think of Dysport and Xeomin like Pepsi. Patients who don’t respond well to Botox or have specific needs that Botox wouldn’t adequately address might want to consider trying Dysport or Xeomin. Like Botox, FDA-approved prescription injectables, Dysport and Xeomin both contain botulinum toxin, the active ingredient that relaxes the muscles responsible for creating and deepening lines in the upper face. Both are safe and effective solutions for facial anti-aging when injected by the hands of an experienced injection specialist. Both wrinkle relaxers also provide similar results with slight variations in how they are injected, how long they last, and how quickly patients will see results.

However, if you aren’t a candidate for injectable wrinkle relaxers, or you prefer a different solution to cosmetic anti-aging, don’t worry. There are Botox alternatives available that don’t require injections or even a prescription.

Botox Alternatives: Injectable-Free Solutions to Anti-Aging

Microneedling Treatments

Microneedling, or collagen induction therapy, is another popular anti-aging treatment that helps treat lines and wrinkles. Not to be confused with collagen injections, collagen induction therapy uses many fine needles to make microscopic punctures in the top layer of your skin. These tiny punctures stimulate collagen and elastin production to improve skin firmness and laxity. After a series of monthly treatments, patients not only see that their fine lines and wrinkles have reduced in appearance but that their overall skin tone and texture have improved as well.

Chemical Peels

Whether you’re squeamish about needles or you prefer to begin with something a little less invasive, chemical peels are a safe and effective solution to fine lines. As the name implies, chemical peels involve a chemical solution that is applied to the top layer of your skin. The substance speeds up cell turnover, which causes the top layer to loosen and peel away. This reveals a fresh layer of skin that is smoother and more youthful. By following a regimen of chemical peel treatments, regular facials, and a great home care regimen, your skin will look younger and healthier.

Topical Anti-Aging Skin Care Products

While topical anti-aging skin care products won’t deliver the results that Botox is capable of providing, creams containing ingredients like alpha-hydroxy acids (AHA), retinol, and Vitamin C are shown to slow down the aging process. If you decide to get Botox or a Botox alternative injectable, you can also use an anti-aging cream to complement your treatments.

Alpha-hydroxy acids and retinol reduce the appearance of wrinkles and age spots over time. They can also give your skin a better tone and texture. Vitamin C minimizes fine lines and wrinkles and increases your body’s collagen production.

All three of these topicals increase your skin’s susceptibility to sun damage, so it’s very important to always wear sunscreen. In fact, even without these products, simply wearing a physical block sunscreen every day will help ward off the very lines and wrinkles you’re trying to prevent.

Note that not all skin care products are created equal. While some products sold over-the-counter containing these ingredients are great buys, many aren’t a good match for your skin type and/or skin care needs. It’s always important to ensure that your products contain high-quality ingredients that will work to improve your skin condition too. The experts at Skin by Lovely can help you find the right products for your skin type and aging concerns and for your added convenience, we sell hand-picked, high-quality products in our offices.

Say Goodbye to Forehead Wrinkles at Skin by Lovely

Botox is still our favorite anti-aging treatment, but for those who need them, Botox alternatives that are proven to work are provided by our team of anti-aging specialists. Trust the experts at  Skin by Lovely to provide you with the best care and treatments available. Contact us today for a consultation and say goodbye to forehead wrinkles.